Monday, April 14, 2008


Yes, the boy has finally done it! He has pooped in his potty and not only that!! He knows when it's coming and will ask to go to the bathroom (sometimes just to fart). And now for the best part...he's done it 2 times today and once last night!!! YAAAAAHOOOOOO!! Oh, the exciting times to be had at the Perics'! We're now on sticker 85 and nearing the end of the chart and the beginning of wearing underwear!

In other news, about the contest, voting is open until the 20th so if you haven't voted yet there is still time. We're up to 13 comments so far which puts our story in the middle of the pack. We NEED your vote. I'm not sure if you're allowed to vote more than once. I don't think it says anything about that on the main site, it just says the story with the most comments wins! So here is the LINK, please leave a I starting to sound a bit desperate? Oh, dear...;)

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