Tuesday, April 01, 2008


Can you believe it?!
What's that?
You say you can't
Well, that's probably good since it's not true...
Happy April Fool's Day!!

Today has been quite the day! This morning Sean had a great time having Menita over. The two of them had a blast playing in the tent and they even helped me bake cookies. And whats more they were both all about cleaning up the crumbs on the counter as seen here:

Menita making the full arm stretch to get that last lingering crumb.

Just the two of them picking away at the crumbs. Menita is standing on the ottoman while Sean is standing on his step stool, in case you were wondering about the height discrepancy.

This afternoon was even more fun. On Sunday one of the ladies at church had asked me if there was anything I needed for Emma-Lyn and I really couldn't think of anything other than clothes. She said well anyone can get clothes and was there anything else she could give me , because she really wanted to get me something. This was so unexpected and I really couldn't think of anything at the time so she said I could think about it and give her a call when I did. Well, later the next day I realized that I really would like to have one of those baby record books for Emma-Lyn. So I called her up and told her and she was like, great lets go shopping tomorrow afternoon and I'll pick it up for you!

Wow! So today we all climbed into her van and off we went. I had thought we were just going to go into Walmart pick up the book and that would be that...I was ever so wrong! We stopped at Old Navy first where she picked out a cute outfit for Emma-Lyn and then proceeded to pick out a new wardrobe for Sean too!!! I was totally flabbergasted! She got Sean, 3 shirts, a pair of pants, a sweater, a 10 pack of socks, a pair of shoes and a baseball hat! I thought that was going to be it but no, she still wanted to pick up the book too! I am so thankful!! Sean loves his new stuff. He put on some of the outfit this evening, whattya think:

How sweet is this on him eh?!! I just love it!

I'll have to put Emma-Lyn in her outfit tomorrow and I'll take a picture of her book too for you to see.


Anonymous said...

WOW!!! Can i please know who this extremely generous van driving lady is from church, I'm so curious??? Sean looks so very cute and grown up in his new threads :)

Proud Auntie Linda

Anonymous said...

Love Sean's new outfit!!

And thanks for the April fool's joke!! Had me Almost racing down the stairs to tell Dad!!!
Good thing you said its just a joke.... right?!

Sarah said...

You made my heart skip a beat!! HAHA Sean looks pretty darn handsome in his new duds!!