Sunday, April 06, 2008

Knitters Club

This past Saturday evening was the second installment of Knitters Club! Yeeeee Haw! A couple of gals and I get together to knit and chat and have a relaxing evening...well at least that's supposed to be what happens. But this week we decided to live a little on the wild side and do something completely different. This time we were going to watch a movie while we knitted!!! How wild and crazy is that eh?!! Would you believe though, that we didn't even do that?!!

Instead we (that is Bonnie and I) decided that this was the perfect night to highlight our hair! And who better to do the highlighting than our very own Jennie!!! This was her expression when we asked her to be our stylist for the evening:

"You want me to what now?!!"

(oh, I suppose I should mention that on these nights Marko usually goes over to Brian's place to hang out)
So, Bonnie and I picked up some hair highlighting kits and came back giddy as school girls! Bonnie was up first. I forgot to take a before shot but here we are mid process:

Are you ready to get down with this wild and funky bunch?!! I'm not really sure what I'm trying to do in this picture...I can't imagine that tasting Bonnie's hair would be such a great idea.

And now for the finished product:

Ain't she just soo be-u-ti-ful?!

And now here is my before shot:

Lotsa dark old hair just hanging around.

Here we are mid- process...
"Sure hope she knows what she's doin!"


Well, would ya looky here, I can get my hair done and knit at the very same time!!

And now the finished product:

Two lovely ladies, totally thrilled with their new dos!!


Mainland Weed said...

Gotta love your tongue, girl!

StephanieAllen said...

I love those crazy faces Laura! You're totally still the person I remember. Miss you! :)