Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Thanks For All the Food...

A big thanks going out to Mike and Nancy for our supper on Sunday night! Mike had a new recipe and we were very willing guinea pigs! And afterwards we were very happy and full guinea pigs!

And a big thanks to Brian and Bonnie for supper on Monday night. Marko hadn't been feeling well that day and stayed home, but we managed to get him over to B&B's for some great tasting grub! Yay for spaghetti and steamed asparagus! There's nothing quite like good food and good company to get your week off to a great start.

Today was an absolutely gorgeous day!! It was warm and sunny. The grass is turning green and the trees are beginning to bud! I am ever so glad at this point to not be living in western Canada where they just got a whole load of the white stuff!!

Bonnie and her girls were over and we had a great time playing outside today. Part of our fun was going down to the mail box and checking the mail. (one of Sean's favourite pastimes) And what to our wondering eyes should await us there, but a pretty sizable package!! Sean was thrilled, we took it back to the driveway and opened it there. Inside were two lovely wrapped packages, one for Sean and one for Emma-Lyn. Within, we were delighted to find cute outfits for the two of them. Sean got pants and a shirt that has a front end loader on it...the perfect shirt for our vehicle aware boy. And for Emma-Lyn, a really sweet outfit with embroidered jeans! Thank you so much Lyn and Wendy!! I just love it!

And in case you're all wondering how Emma-Lyn got her name, well the Emma is derived from Marko's Grandaddy whose name was Emmett and the Lyn is from my middle name which in turn is from this particular Lyn--He and his wife Wendy have been life long friends of my parents. How cool is that?! Oh and Emma-Lyn's middle name is Hope and she got that name because my maiden name was Hope.

And just in case you have been wondering for the longest time how Sean got his name, well, before we were even engaged Marko and I just both loved the name Sean for a boy and that particular spelling. Sean's middle name, Marius, was my Pake's (pronounced: pah-kah--Friesan for Grandfather) name. So there you have a little history in our names. Fascinating eh?!

And now for your viewing pleasure, some random photos:

Sean and Abby at the play-place in McDonald's. This was their first time there. It was fun as well as a little harrowing to watch them try out the play area. Thankfully they didn't get too far up into the thing.
This is the package that arrived today!!

And here we have our resident aritiste, Bonnie, providing some lovely original artwork on the driveway...notice that there are no children about...hmmmmm so why did we buy the sidewalk chalk?! :)

Hannah enjoying her first ride in this type of a swing!

Sean, also in a swing. Sean learned a most valuable lesson today. One must hang on if one hopes to stay on the swing...otherwise one will fall off said swing in a most dramatic way. Don't worry, he was mostly surprised more than anything else when he hit the ground.

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