Saturday, May 31, 2008

Picnic Time

Yesterday was a beautiful day!! So off we went with Jennie for a picnic. We had hoped to go to the beach by Stanhope. They have nice shelters with picnic tables in them for you to enjoy your picnic. Unfortunately we discovered that they are repaving the road and adding a bike/walking lane. So the road was all ripped up with no place to park your car so kept on going thinking we would try Tracadie beach. It was super windy out and the boardwalk looked really quite precarious and since we had seen a little park on our way there, we decided to head back there.

So here's the park:

It was just a little ramshackle looking but we had fun!

Mmmmm, yummy PB&J sandwiches!

Just making the most of our humble surroundings.

Can you spot Sean amongst the overgrown weeds?!

After our picnic we headed over to Brian and Bonnie's to hang out. We had a great time. Sean and Abby had a blast on the swing set. Then the call of the trampoline was just too much for me and I HAD to give it a go.
The picture of grace and skill, no?!!

I love his expression in this one.

He just LOVED the trampoline! Probably could've played on it all day!

Such a happy girl!

And yet another happy girl!

And yet another picture of my style and grace!!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Long Time No Post Eh?

Sorry about that. I hope to have more regular post once again. Things have been busy here. Sean is in the thick of his terrible twos and we have had some terrible days. But thankfully as terrible as they may be the great days far outweigh them! For example: The other day as Sean and I were playing outside I asked him the following question: "Sean, who made the earth?" His response: "Mommy." Brief pause where I was gearing up to set him straight and then he says, "No, God. God made the earth." I couldn't help but smile at that one! He loves to pretend. Yesterday he decided that the blue couch was a bus and that he was going on it. But before he could go on his bus ride he had to get his jacket, which just happened to be his fuzzy blanket. He wrapped himself up in it, then grabbed a board book for a hat! So funny.

In other news, Emma-Lyn just had her 4 month needles today. She did amazing! She cried a little bit but then quickly simmered down and was her happy little self once again. They weighed and measured her. The nurse wasn't impressed with her weight gain so now I have to increase the amount of feedings and how long she feeds! So much fun. In two weeks my less than favourite health nurse is going to come to weigh her again just to make sure she's gaining weight. Yipppeeee for me!

In happier news I finally heard Emma-Lyn laugh out loud yesterday!! I tell you it is the sweetest little laugh you've ever heard! I would have loved to have taped is but I had her in my arms at the time!

And now for a whole wack of pictures:

Hannah: "So like are you for real?"
Emma-Lyn: " YES, and that's my ear you're about to rip off!"

Hannah: "Cool. Now that I know you are real, I would just like to anoint you with the Holy Spirit.

Hannah: "My mommy is soooo funny!"
Emma-Lyn: "This Bonnie lady is hysterical!"

Hannah: "Okay so here's the secret to get them to do what you want..."
I'd fill in the rest but Hannah wouldn't let me listen in.

Abby: "Oh dear, he's such a goof sometimes...but I love him."
Sean: "I'm smiling really hard!!!"

Abby loving on Emma-Lyn.

Sniffing the beautiful tulips!

My party girl!

"I LOVE my shades mommy!!"

"I like them a lot too!!"

"Now this is the good stuff!!"

Backyard fun.

Just thought this was a cool shot.

Yes, even his tennis ball gets to have a swing.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Questions, questions, questions

Sooo many questions. Sean has definitely hit that age of asking many questions. His personal fave at the moment is, "What's that?" He'll ask it even when he knows what it is, it's like he's just testing you to make sure you know what it is. Sometimes I'll say it's something it's not. For example, one time we were driving along and Sean asked, "What's that?" while he was pointing at a school bus. So I told him that it was a truck and he said,
"No Mommy, that's not a truck. Maybe it's a school bus."
brief pause.
"No it's not a truck, it's a school bus." Or sometimes I'll just say I don't know what something is and he'll respond with a maybe it's a and the name of the object. So funny!

Sean loves to climb up beside Emma-Lyn and just sit with her. Here I actually asked him to smile and this is what I got.

And I have to tell you that Emma-Lyn ADORES her big brother. Any time he pays any attention to her she just lights right up like a Christmas tree and gurgles.

"Mmmmmm, yummmy fingers...must suck them!!"

"Ahhhh, that's better."

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Puttin' In a Plug

and not in the tub or in my hair but for my photography blog. I have too long let it languish...I guess I was waiting for the nicer weather to arrive to have more photo opportunities! And so I've just posted a few (grand total of 4) pictures to the blog. If you'd like to take a look, just click here.

Thought the Grammies Might Really Enjoy This One

Sweet Baby Girl from lauraperic on Vimeo.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

I Feel So Bad...

and yet it all worked out sooo very well!! You see, we pulled a fast one on Sean tonight.

We were having friends over at 8 and usually Sean is off to dreamland by this time but not so much tonight. So I let him get up and greet everyone, thinking that that would satisfy his curiosity. Not so much.

He came up with the plan of having to use the bathroom. He still goes to bed in a pull up so the deal is once he's in bed that's it. No more trips to the bathroom. And really all he really wanted to do was to see all the people again and play the game we were playing. (which incidentally was PIT, which is a fairly loud game so I can see why he might be tempted to stay up)

So anyhoo, Penny came up with the grand plan of having all the guests go hang out in the garage while we took Sean to the bathroom and back to bed. MY WORD, it worked like a charm!! You should have seen the huge grin on his face when I first took him out. He was fully expecting to see everyone there.

How quickly the grin disappeared and a look of confusion came over his wee little face. As he sat on the toilet he just kept repeating, "Everyone is gone, they're all gone." I put him back to bed with a hug and a kiss. Our friends came back in and it was back to playing games. We played some corporate shuffle first, then went back to PIT. Sean never got up again! Thanks Penny!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Quick Question

What would you say is the opposite of a blue circle?

We were playing the game taboo the other day with some friends and I used this to get my team to say the right words. I was surprised at how quickly my team came up with the answer. And it was funny that they all picked the same answer too. Since, really anything can be the opposite of a blue circle. Anyways, was your answer a red square? Cause that was what I was hoping you'd say! :)

In other news, we've hit yet another phase in the whole potty training area. Sean has now graduated to using the toilet! We clamp on the top of the potty (the bottom of it becomes a step stool up to the toilet) and away he goes. He's quite pleased with this new arrangement. He was telling me today that he was like Mommy and Daddy using the toilet instead of the potty. Then he broke into song about going poopy on the toilet! It was pretty funny.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

So This Is Spring?

I don't know how spring is shaping up in your part of the world but, my lands is she ever cold out here!! Nothing like a north east wind to suck the warmth right out of a nice sunny day! Yeesh! That said the chilly wind did not deter us from taking advantage of the all out doors. Yesterday and today I had the great privilege of having the car so we grabbed Jennie and went to a couple of parks for some fun! Sean had a blast even if his nose was continually running. The second park we went to today we met up with some other mommies and their kiddos and had a grand time playing and chatting with them.

Emma-Lyn's 4 month appointment went splendidly. Sean was on his best behaviour too which really helped me out! Emma-Lyn for her part was her ever easy going, happy little self. As Dr. Slysz checked her out she just smiled away until all the prodding got to be a bit much and she began to whimper. As for her stats she is 12 lbs 4 oz and 23 3/4 inches long. So that puts her on the small scale of things. I have me a sweet petite girl!

I'm trying to be artsy...she looks impressed, no? Well how about Sean's reaction to my dabbling in the artsy fartsy photography shots:
"What do you think you're looking at?!"

Sean the supervisor.

He LOVES playing with Jennie.

Meeting Jumpy Squirrel up close and personal. FYI Jumpy Squirrel is a character on Monkey George.

Jumpy again, at one point it looked like he was going to climb up Emma-Lyn's stroller.

Weeee, just hanging around...
Pretending like we're young again!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Two Word Meme

Saw this meme over at MommyBrain and decided to try it out! :) So here goes...

1. Where is your cell phone?
haven't one
2. Where is your significant other? in office
3. Your hair? brown, highlighted
4. Your mother? true survivor
5. Your father? hilarious laughter
6. Your favorite thing? cuddling beloved
7. Your dream last night? traffic accident
8. Your favorite drink? cold Pepsi
9. Your dream/goal? sell photos
10. The room you’re in? open kitchen
11. Your hobby? knitting, blogging
12. Your fear? losing child
13. Where you want to be in 6 years? own home
14. Where were you last night? at home
15. What you’re not? done laundry
16. Muffins? chocolate chip
17. One of your wish list items? new lappy
18. Where you grew up? Newmarket, Ontario
19. The last thing you did? had shower
20. What are you wearing? shorts, shirt
21. Your TV? it's black
22. Your pets? don't have
23. Your computer? need it
24. Your life? always interesting
25. Your mood? happy, content
26. Missing someone? my mommy
27. Your car? Honda Civic
28. Something you’re not wearing? shoes, socks
29. Favorite store? love Winners
30. Your summer? coming soon
31. Like someone? my Jennie
32. Your favorite color? royal blue
33. When is the last time you laughed? this evening
34. Last time you cried? this afternoon

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Here's to Freebies and Give-Aways!

Today I found out about a great give-away that Avent is doing. I found it by checking out this blog. I learned that if you call the number she posted and then once you have the service rep on the line you just ask them about the give-away that they're hosting and voila they are sending you your very own magic sippy cups! So I'm looking forward to getting those in the mail in say 2 weeks or so.

I'm also eagerly anticipating the arrival of the book I won from the blog that hosted the date night thing. Also there is a magazine and toiletry bag that should be heading to our mailbox in the not too distant future. I won that from this wonderful blog. It's one of my favourites, I visit it pretty near every day! Then there's the book we'll be receiving for participating in a survey that the IWK put on! Can't wait!

Tomorrow is a big day for us. It's Emma-Lyn's 4 month Dr's appointment. It'll be fun to see how much she's grown again.

Monday, May 12, 2008

The Hope Visit

Yes, I finally have some of the photos of my family's visit to share with you! It was really nice to have them over again since the boat is back in business! Sean was very excited to play with Grampa Hope again. We enjoyed a lovely visit together and we look forward to our trip to the mainland to celebrate Father's Day in June!

Baby girl just sitting in Grampa's lap and enjoying her fingers.

Can you tell that her Auntie Karina just adores her?!

Hmmmm, guess our conversation just wasn't that fascinating.

Happy to have visitors!

Hanging with Gramma.

Sean helping Daddy and Grampa put the recliner together.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

What A Wonderful Mother's Day!

It has been such a lovely day! And now here I sit ready to share it all with all of you! :) I really have to get the pictures up of when my family was here! I'm now sitting in the great recliner they brought over for us! I just love it! It is now my chair. Instead of sitting at my desk to do my blogging, I unplug my lappy and bring it over here just so I can relax and enjoy my computer time.

This morning we went to Grace Baptist church. And it was awesome!! I had a great time. This was the first time in a long time when a speaker was going over their time that I really didn't care and just wanted them to keep speaking and sharing all that the Lord had laid on their heart. It was also so nice to see so many familiar faces and chat awhile with them. The service was all about motherhood and was very encouraging. And would you believe they even had little gifts for all the mothers (and visiting mothers) in the congregation?! I got a sweet little bookmark (which is already in use marking our place in Sean's Bible story book) and a pretty magnet (also already in use holding up pictures on our fridge.) Then after the service they (that is the men) put on a scrumptious lunch downstairs. We weren't going to stay at first but both pastor Steve and pastor Richard convinced us to stay. We throughly enjoyed our meal and made it home just in time for nap time!! :)

Once we all got up from our naps which was a little after 4 we decided to go for a drive out to Canoe Cove Park. To say that it was a bit chilly out, would be an understatement. It was pretty near mind numbingly cold out. After about 10 minutes (all of which Emma-Lyn and I stayed warm standing in one of the shelters) we decided to go to the local Timmy's and grab an extra large hot chocolate to share and a half dozen doughnuts. Sean really liked this idea!

We returned home with one doughnut and a quarter cup of the hot chocolate. This didn't last long. I had put the box containing the lone doughnut on top of the car to get Emma-Lyn out and no sooner had I gotten her out then the wind blew the box clear off the car sending the doughnut to its demise. Then when Marko was getting Sean out of the car (he too had placed his item on top of the car) the cup blew over and dumped its entire contents on top of poor Marko's head.

For supper we had one of newly found and all time favourites!! A Sobey's Take and Bake pizza!! YUMMMMMMMY!! After supper we got the kids off to bed and then settled in to watch a downloaded episode of one of our new favourite shows: The Office! And now we're just getting some computer time in before following up with another episode (we hope to be caught up in the season soon) and then off to bed. :)

Isn't this a great photo? Bonnie took this one. I just love it!

This is at the park at Canoe Cove. Can you feel the wind whipping right through you?

Is she hiding a smile under there?

Sure looks like it...
Ahhh hah! I knew it!

Mmmmmm, yummy doughnut! And would you believe it wasn't a sprinkle one?!

Never too tired to hold my baby...