Thursday, May 01, 2008

Ahhh, It's the Island Life For Me

Ever since I moved to this, the fairest province in the country, I have loved it! I love the red soil, I love the people (as long as they aren't driving in front of me) and I just feel like I belong here!

Things I could do without would be all the hype about Miss I have red hair and don't you dare spell my name without an 'E'!!! I read the books but really, there's more to this Island than just some made up character with a made up house, that they actually felt they should build out in Cavendish! But hey, here's to tourism dollars!! But what I could really do without is this insane need to bottle carbonated beverages in glass and ONLY glass!! I mean, what is up with that?! Well, finally the government has gotten their collective heads out of the sand and in just mere days from now we will actually be able to purchase our pop in either the can form or in plastic!! Can you believe it?! It is just about too good to be true!

Probably for most of my readers, you take it for granted that you can just whip out and buy pop in 2 litre containers. Not so for us Island folk, and let me tell you that it can get expensive! The largest we can get is a 750ml for just over a dollar plus deposit, plus tax!! Crazy, I tell you just down right crazy!

Now if you can believe this, there were some who were near deathly opposed to the mere thought of bringing cans and plastic bottles to the Island. For some people the whole glass bottle thing was quaint, sort of an Island way- of -life thing and I guess for that reason it should never change. Most people holding this view were not even from the Island and so really have no idea just how inconvenient glass bottles really are. First off, there's the quantity issue, can't buy anything bigger than a 750ml, and should you need several bottles, well let's just say you get quite the workout getting that out to your car. Then there's the whole leakage factor. More often than I'd like to admit, I've come home only to discover that one of the bottles is half empty due to a faulty cap. And the absolute worst problem with glass, quite frankly is that it breaks!

This past weekend when we had friends in we were reminded once again just how much we disliked glass bottles and how much we were looking forward to getting cans and plastic bottles. We were opening the pop when one bottle was getting to be quite tricksy. It was passed around to see who, if anyone, could open the darn thing. In the end Marko had to get the scissors with the special grippy bit (please excuse my technical terminology) to get the darn thing off!! And this is not the first time such a thing has happened.

Here we have a picture of a normal glass bottle specimen...
swell, just swell eh?!

And now here's what greeted us once we finally managed to get the lid off the tricksy bottle:

Here's to May 3rd and the arrival of cans and plastic!! I think this should have been the date for another provincial holiday instead of the second Monday in February!!

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Mainland Weed said...

Aren't there still those crazy 1.5L fat bottles? I remember getting one about 10 years ago...