Saturday, May 03, 2008

Fun Stuff!!

Last night was an absolute blast!! For the first time in our parenting history, Marko and I actually hired a babysitter!!! It finally dawned on me that there are some girls at our church that might actually babysit!! And just as luck would have it one lucky lady was free last night to look after our two cherubs! Sean only woke up twice while she was there and when she instructed him to go back to bed, back to bed he went!! Emma-Lyn for her part slept right through until 5 o'clock this morning!

Marko and I went on a double date with Brian and Bonnie and oh, I had soooooo much fun! We began our evening with a few rounds of pool down at Dooly's. First we played gals vs guys and vice versa and then couples. It was great fun! After pool we were off to Pat n Willy's for some half priced apps!! And boys oh boys were those ever YUMMMMMY!!! We had some nachos and a plate of potato skins. It was so exciting to be out on the town, totally enjoying ourselves, and just having fun being out on a date. Thank you Bonnie for the super great idea!!! We definitely have to do it again and soon! :)

In other fun news, Sean is doing great with his potty training. He has been in unders since last Wednesday and has had a few accidents but also had his first accident free day!! Yay for Sean. He still wears pull ups for nap time and bed times and sometimes when we know we're going to be out for awhile. He is getting really good at letting you know he has to pee or poo and makes a bee line for the bathroom. He still gets stickers and enjoys putting them on his chart himself.

This weekend, with it's great start should prove to be a fun one. This afternoon we're going to the park with Bonnie and the girls. Tonight my sister arrives from the mainland and the girls are getting together to knit. Then tomorrow my folks are coming over with a big ol' recliner for us!! :)

And the best part?! The sun is shining!! Have a great weekend everybody!

Oh, and Mainland Weed, yes, there used to be the oddly shaped 1.5 litre bottles but yeah they haven't been around for quite some time now. And today, none of that matters anymore!! YAY for cans and plastic!! :)


Anonymous said...

Bekahs great isn't she?

Mainland Weed said...

Thanks for the bottle update, Meemer! I'll have to be sure to get a great CAN of pop the next time I'm over your way!!
Glad you had fun the other night! And HOORAY! for Sean!