Monday, May 12, 2008

The Hope Visit

Yes, I finally have some of the photos of my family's visit to share with you! It was really nice to have them over again since the boat is back in business! Sean was very excited to play with Grampa Hope again. We enjoyed a lovely visit together and we look forward to our trip to the mainland to celebrate Father's Day in June!

Baby girl just sitting in Grampa's lap and enjoying her fingers.

Can you tell that her Auntie Karina just adores her?!

Hmmmm, guess our conversation just wasn't that fascinating.

Happy to have visitors!

Hanging with Gramma.

Sean helping Daddy and Grampa put the recliner together.

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The Barretts said...

Hi Laura! Thanks for leaving a coment on our blog. I'm glad that you've been enjoying it!

Your children are beautiful. Very close in age to our two.

Glad you took advantage of the free sippy cups!! :)