Sunday, May 18, 2008

I Feel So Bad...

and yet it all worked out sooo very well!! You see, we pulled a fast one on Sean tonight.

We were having friends over at 8 and usually Sean is off to dreamland by this time but not so much tonight. So I let him get up and greet everyone, thinking that that would satisfy his curiosity. Not so much.

He came up with the plan of having to use the bathroom. He still goes to bed in a pull up so the deal is once he's in bed that's it. No more trips to the bathroom. And really all he really wanted to do was to see all the people again and play the game we were playing. (which incidentally was PIT, which is a fairly loud game so I can see why he might be tempted to stay up)

So anyhoo, Penny came up with the grand plan of having all the guests go hang out in the garage while we took Sean to the bathroom and back to bed. MY WORD, it worked like a charm!! You should have seen the huge grin on his face when I first took him out. He was fully expecting to see everyone there.

How quickly the grin disappeared and a look of confusion came over his wee little face. As he sat on the toilet he just kept repeating, "Everyone is gone, they're all gone." I put him back to bed with a hug and a kiss. Our friends came back in and it was back to playing games. We played some corporate shuffle first, then went back to PIT. Sean never got up again! Thanks Penny!


StephanieAllen said...

Ha ha ha...I love it! Thanks for a great idea that I may use in the future. :)

Laura said...

Hey Steph, yes I say use it whenever and wherever possible and for as long as they will believe you!! :)