Thursday, May 29, 2008

Long Time No Post Eh?

Sorry about that. I hope to have more regular post once again. Things have been busy here. Sean is in the thick of his terrible twos and we have had some terrible days. But thankfully as terrible as they may be the great days far outweigh them! For example: The other day as Sean and I were playing outside I asked him the following question: "Sean, who made the earth?" His response: "Mommy." Brief pause where I was gearing up to set him straight and then he says, "No, God. God made the earth." I couldn't help but smile at that one! He loves to pretend. Yesterday he decided that the blue couch was a bus and that he was going on it. But before he could go on his bus ride he had to get his jacket, which just happened to be his fuzzy blanket. He wrapped himself up in it, then grabbed a board book for a hat! So funny.

In other news, Emma-Lyn just had her 4 month needles today. She did amazing! She cried a little bit but then quickly simmered down and was her happy little self once again. They weighed and measured her. The nurse wasn't impressed with her weight gain so now I have to increase the amount of feedings and how long she feeds! So much fun. In two weeks my less than favourite health nurse is going to come to weigh her again just to make sure she's gaining weight. Yipppeeee for me!

In happier news I finally heard Emma-Lyn laugh out loud yesterday!! I tell you it is the sweetest little laugh you've ever heard! I would have loved to have taped is but I had her in my arms at the time!

And now for a whole wack of pictures:

Hannah: "So like are you for real?"
Emma-Lyn: " YES, and that's my ear you're about to rip off!"

Hannah: "Cool. Now that I know you are real, I would just like to anoint you with the Holy Spirit.

Hannah: "My mommy is soooo funny!"
Emma-Lyn: "This Bonnie lady is hysterical!"

Hannah: "Okay so here's the secret to get them to do what you want..."
I'd fill in the rest but Hannah wouldn't let me listen in.

Abby: "Oh dear, he's such a goof sometimes...but I love him."
Sean: "I'm smiling really hard!!!"

Abby loving on Emma-Lyn.

Sniffing the beautiful tulips!

My party girl!

"I LOVE my shades mommy!!"

"I like them a lot too!!"

"Now this is the good stuff!!"

Backyard fun.

Just thought this was a cool shot.

Yes, even his tennis ball gets to have a swing.


Bonnie said...

Hey Laura,

Take a look at what Winnie the Pooh is doing to Hildamae while Abby is kissing Emma-Lynn. They don't call him Pooh for nothing! HA HA HA!!

Anonymous said...

The couch and the bus story reminded me of another bus/couch occasion. When Marko was about three I was visiting the Perics in Crossfield,Alberta. I was half asleep on the couch(it may have been Christmas day)and Marko was playing with a toy bus along the back of the couch and he sings out
" Look out Auntie Bernie, here comes the bus". As I said I was in a semi-sleep state so I jumped up with a start thinking the transit bus that served Crossfield was on a collision course with the house. Quite a few chuckles were had by those present, me too after I became fully awake.
Auntie Bernie

Laura said...

Okay Bonnie, that is just too funny!!

Auntie Bernie, Marko has mentioned this story to me before. He says he doesn't remember it happening but now since you've mentioned it, he knows that his mom wasn't just making it up! :)

Anonymous said...

Marko , your mom doesn't make up stories.