Saturday, May 17, 2008

Quick Question

What would you say is the opposite of a blue circle?

We were playing the game taboo the other day with some friends and I used this to get my team to say the right words. I was surprised at how quickly my team came up with the answer. And it was funny that they all picked the same answer too. Since, really anything can be the opposite of a blue circle. Anyways, was your answer a red square? Cause that was what I was hoping you'd say! :)

In other news, we've hit yet another phase in the whole potty training area. Sean has now graduated to using the toilet! We clamp on the top of the potty (the bottom of it becomes a step stool up to the toilet) and away he goes. He's quite pleased with this new arrangement. He was telling me today that he was like Mommy and Daddy using the toilet instead of the potty. Then he broke into song about going poopy on the toilet! It was pretty funny.


Mainland Weed said...

I got the "red square" answer right away, but Steve didn't get it at all. What can I say? Boys....

Breaking into song about poop? At least there's no doubt who his mommy is!!! (grin)

Laura said...

Hey Mainland Weed. I knew, you of all people would totally get the blue circle thing! Sorry Steve.

Yep the boy is definitely mine without a shadow of a doubt!