Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Two Word Meme

Saw this meme over at MommyBrain and decided to try it out! :) So here goes...

1. Where is your cell phone?
haven't one
2. Where is your significant other? in office
3. Your hair? brown, highlighted
4. Your mother? true survivor
5. Your father? hilarious laughter
6. Your favorite thing? cuddling beloved
7. Your dream last night? traffic accident
8. Your favorite drink? cold Pepsi
9. Your dream/goal? sell photos
10. The room you’re in? open kitchen
11. Your hobby? knitting, blogging
12. Your fear? losing child
13. Where you want to be in 6 years? own home
14. Where were you last night? at home
15. What you’re not? done laundry
16. Muffins? chocolate chip
17. One of your wish list items? new lappy
18. Where you grew up? Newmarket, Ontario
19. The last thing you did? had shower
20. What are you wearing? shorts, shirt
21. Your TV? it's black
22. Your pets? don't have
23. Your computer? need it
24. Your life? always interesting
25. Your mood? happy, content
26. Missing someone? my mommy
27. Your car? Honda Civic
28. Something you’re not wearing? shoes, socks
29. Favorite store? love Winners
30. Your summer? coming soon
31. Like someone? my Jennie
32. Your favorite color? royal blue
33. When is the last time you laughed? this evening
34. Last time you cried? this afternoon


Carrie K. said...

Great answers! What kind of store is Winners?

Laura said...

Hey Carrie, Winners is kind of a mish mash type store. It has brand name clothes on for cheap and then it has (my favourite part of the store) a really funky home decor section. I love just strolling through and checking out all the neat stuff and getting ideas for home.

And would you believe that in our mall, we don't even have one book store?!! How crazy is that? Winners has just a small children's section.