Sunday, May 11, 2008

What A Wonderful Mother's Day!

It has been such a lovely day! And now here I sit ready to share it all with all of you! :) I really have to get the pictures up of when my family was here! I'm now sitting in the great recliner they brought over for us! I just love it! It is now my chair. Instead of sitting at my desk to do my blogging, I unplug my lappy and bring it over here just so I can relax and enjoy my computer time.

This morning we went to Grace Baptist church. And it was awesome!! I had a great time. This was the first time in a long time when a speaker was going over their time that I really didn't care and just wanted them to keep speaking and sharing all that the Lord had laid on their heart. It was also so nice to see so many familiar faces and chat awhile with them. The service was all about motherhood and was very encouraging. And would you believe they even had little gifts for all the mothers (and visiting mothers) in the congregation?! I got a sweet little bookmark (which is already in use marking our place in Sean's Bible story book) and a pretty magnet (also already in use holding up pictures on our fridge.) Then after the service they (that is the men) put on a scrumptious lunch downstairs. We weren't going to stay at first but both pastor Steve and pastor Richard convinced us to stay. We throughly enjoyed our meal and made it home just in time for nap time!! :)

Once we all got up from our naps which was a little after 4 we decided to go for a drive out to Canoe Cove Park. To say that it was a bit chilly out, would be an understatement. It was pretty near mind numbingly cold out. After about 10 minutes (all of which Emma-Lyn and I stayed warm standing in one of the shelters) we decided to go to the local Timmy's and grab an extra large hot chocolate to share and a half dozen doughnuts. Sean really liked this idea!

We returned home with one doughnut and a quarter cup of the hot chocolate. This didn't last long. I had put the box containing the lone doughnut on top of the car to get Emma-Lyn out and no sooner had I gotten her out then the wind blew the box clear off the car sending the doughnut to its demise. Then when Marko was getting Sean out of the car (he too had placed his item on top of the car) the cup blew over and dumped its entire contents on top of poor Marko's head.

For supper we had one of newly found and all time favourites!! A Sobey's Take and Bake pizza!! YUMMMMMMMY!! After supper we got the kids off to bed and then settled in to watch a downloaded episode of one of our new favourite shows: The Office! And now we're just getting some computer time in before following up with another episode (we hope to be caught up in the season soon) and then off to bed. :)

Isn't this a great photo? Bonnie took this one. I just love it!

This is at the park at Canoe Cove. Can you feel the wind whipping right through you?

Is she hiding a smile under there?

Sure looks like it...
Ahhh hah! I knew it!

Mmmmmm, yummy doughnut! And would you believe it wasn't a sprinkle one?!

Never too tired to hold my baby...

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