Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Beaches and Bath Time

Today was the first time we went to the beach so far this summer! We went with Jennie to Canoe Cove and had a wonderful time. Emma-Lyn was cooing and giggling and smiling up a storm (I think this girl is gonna be an out-doorsy type gal! :) And Sean was super thrilled when he was actually allowed to throw the rocks in the water! As seen here:

Got a good arm on this boy!

Jennie took him out deeper to get him wet ( I was wearing white at the time so really didn't want to chance falling in) He didn't want to get completely wet but did let Jennie dunk his toes in.

Here's Emma-Lyn's first glimpse of the ocean:
She's totally mesmerized! And look at her just sitting up by herself! And while it does look good, she hasn't quite mastered this skill since seconds later she was looking like this:
"Mmmmm, yummmy sand!!"

Now to the joys of bath time. Not that long ago I had tried bathing both the kids together in the big tub with Emma-Lyn in a bathing chair (essentially her baby bath converts to the chair) and she just wasn't physically ready for that leap. Last night I tried again...And that just wasn't a good idea, I had left her too long in her exersaucer and she had worked herself up into quite a lather that was not to be abated by some fun new experience in the tub. She screamed bloody blue murder the entire time. Sean, bless his little heart, just cupped his ears and said, "Mommy, she's loud!"

But tonight was a whole different story (apparently, third times a charm!) She had a whale of a time tonight! She and Sean had a great time together. Sean really wanted her to be there and had fun amusing her with his antics.

"Look at me Momma, I'm a big girl now!"

Good Times.

Our little angel...this was Sean's idea to put this tub toy on her head!

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