Wednesday, June 11, 2008

My Jolly Jumpin' Jiggle-Bug

Today was baby girl's first go at hanging out in the Jolly Jumper and man did she love it!! It was so different from Sean's first time in it. He just sorta hung there, happy to be there but not really jumping all that much. With Emma-Lyn I pretty much barely got her in the thing and she was jumping all over the place, it was so funny. I have a video that I hope to have uploaded soon.

Things have been busy here. We had a really nice weekend, I worked on Saturday for my oldies. It was nice to be with them again. On Sunday we went out for supper since next Sunday we will be on the mainland for Father's Day, this was Marko's Father's Day meal. I am so happy to tell you that the kiddos did great! Sean pretty near ate everything with nary a whine or cry. He was quite thrilled to check out the bathrooms at the restaurant too. We went to Swiss Chalet, one of my favourite family restaurants! I always get the quarter chicken dinner (dark meat) with traditional sauce and fries. I love dipping my fries in the sauce...YUM!

On Monday night we went out to the Christensen's for supper. They live in Upton and they just happen to be where my mother and sister in law will be staying for the better part of July. And with them out there (it's quite a ways out of town so to go visit them would be quite the ordeal) it seemed only fitting that we move out there to be with them for that time. So come June 28 we will be living out there too. We went this past Monday to get a feel for the place. They only have dial up internet so I'm just warning you now that posts here on the blog could get a little scarce (and I know, I've been a little scatter shot lately with the posts.) But I will still be taking plenty of photos!

Tonight I was out for dessert with some girl friends that I haven't hung out with in a long time. It was so nice to sit and chat and get all caught up. And then it was ever so embarrassing and funny to realize when it came time to pay my bill that I didn't have my debit card on me! And all I had for real money was dimes and nickels! Thanks again Amanda, next one is on me! :) I came home only to realize that Marko had my card.

Here is my sweet little Jiggle-Bug:

"Oooh Mommy I really love this thing!"

Action shot.



Mainland Weed said...

Hey Meemer!
I was out for supper last night with a bunch of folks from work, a going away party for me. Well, turns out I left my purse at work, so my manager took care of the bill for me.
Guess we're two peas in a pod...
Looking forward to seeing you Monday. I'll drop you a line when I know what time I'll be over.

Laura said...

Hey Mainlander! Or should I say co-pea. That is just way too funny! Leave it to us to leave our stuff behind and get people to pay our way! Hahaha
I sooooo can't wait for Monday to get here!