Wednesday, June 04, 2008

My Sacrifice for Adult Company

On Sunday I was invited to go to the park with a bunch of the gals! I was super excited as this meant that Sean would get to play with kids he knew and I would get to sit and chat and listen to some adult conversation. My heart was all a flutter. Now the only thing standing in my way of this monumental occasion was the shear distance from my place to the park in question. The park is just over 4 kilometers from here and as Marko so handily pointed out I would have to walk back too! Thank you honey for the heads up on that one!!

I was not to be deterred so come Tuesday morning I got everything packed up, stuck Emma-Lyn in her snuggly, grabbed the stroller and off we went! I think I was so excited about the challenge before me that I was near dragging Sean down the street. He was basically running to keep up with me. We were nearly out of our subdivision when Sean decided that keeping up with Mommy was basically impossible and settled for sitting in the stroller and classifying each vehicle as it sped by.

It was a beautiful day for a walk, the sun was shining and there was a nice breeze. Most of the gals were shocked to realize that I had walked over but I was more than willing to walk the distance if it meant company and good times for Sean with friends. I was so glad we went. The walk back was a bit of a hike. We stopped at the Superstore for a cookie and some water, then we were off once again. The toughest part of the hike was getting into our subdivision, it was all uphill!

It wasn't until I had checked the messages on my answering machine that I found out that I had lost my wallet! The man who found it had called and left his number for me to call him back! He was a really sweet guy, too bad he was a Canadiens fan! :)

The health nurse was in today to check Emma-Lyn's weight. It hasn't even been a week yet so there wasn't a whole lot to measure and so now she'll be back next Thursday! Yay!

And now for some random pics:

Sean is just loving playing in the backyard! He is always asking to go outside.

Emma-Lyn watching her big brother goof around.

The rest of these pictures are just some flowers (mostly out of my landlord's garden) that I really like.

I love the colours in this tulip.

I love taking pictures of neat.

And this is a rose Marko got me the other day...just cause...he's such a sweetie!


Anonymous said...

Love the pics!! Seems we have common love for taking pics of dew drops and flowers!! Your lil' ones are just as beautiful as your pretty pics!!
Love you and the Family

from ME!
CrAzY dragon

Mike Thomas said...

Were you wearing a pink hat and walking on Mt.Edward Road that day? I drove by someone with a stroller in the Toyota shuttle and thought it was you. Wondering what you would be doing out that way though...on foot.
Maybe it wasn't you at all...


Laura said...

Thanks Crazy Dragon, love you and the fam lots too!

Hey Mike, yep that was me in the pink hat and now you know the rest of the story. :)