Monday, June 02, 2008

Sold on Solids

Baby girl had quite the insatiable appetite today so today was her very first go of solid food. Yummmy rice cereal for the girl. She was quite taken with it. Although a lot of it ended up on her bib, she really did seem to enjoy that which actually made it into her mouth. She was flailing her arms about trying to grab the spoon from me! Sean even had a hand at feeding her, he thought it was pretty funny when the cereal kept popping right back out of her mouth.

Speaking of mouths, I happened to notice Sean is cutting his second year molars. The bottom left is completely in while the bottom right is just cutting through the gums now. And I can only feel bumps on his upper jaw.

Here she is trying out the real goodness of rice!

"Mmmmmm, yummmy!"

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