Monday, June 16, 2008

What a Happy Father's Day

We had a great little trip to the mainland yesterday which I have plenty of pictures of, but for some reason Blogger just isn't interested in posting right now...

I am soooo super tired right now but I'll try and give a pretty concise overview of how things went. We got to the boat just in time to jump in the middle of the line (my folks book our ticket for us and like to add on the assured passage, hence the ability to just butt in). The bad part of butting in line was that we had to go down in the hold...that is my least favourite part of traveling on the Confederation, everything else about the boat I love! And I love it a whole heapings lot more than the Holiday Island! Sean just loved going on the boat. He loved the play area and had a great time taking Daddy and I on little walks around the deck. I had Emma-Lyn in the Sunggly and she was pretty happy just to watch all the excitement.

Once on the mainland we headed right over to to Valley View Villa where my Beppe lives. She's over 90 years old and hadn't met Emma-Lyn yet so we made sure to make this our first stop! Beppe seemed really pleased to finally meet her little grand-daughter. I think Emma-Lyn was pretty pleased too!

From there it was off to my folks place for some lunch! Sean was much more interested in Gramma and Grampa's toys to do much eating so after a few bites he went off to the dining room to play. After lunch we sat and talked and then went outside to check out Gramma's gardens.

Ooooh before I go on I should ask, did you know that the proper response to "Happy Father's Day!" is, "Happy Thank you day"? Well, maybe it isn't the proper response, but it was my Dad's response and I think it's gonna stick. :)

Sean did really well in the potty department on the trip. He did all his business at Gramma and Grampa's without too much fuss (although there was some) but all things considered he did great. That was until the boat ride back. He was on the play place and just let her rip. I was nursing Emma-Lyn at the time so I told Marko and he let Sean finish (not much point in moving him at that point) and off to the washroom they went to get cleaned up. I was thankful for the other parents that were there. I apologized about it but they all just looked at me sympathetically and said, "Don't worry about it, been there, done that." :)

We ended up following a biker gang (that sounds kinda bad, they were more like motorcycle enthusiasts) just about all the way home. It was kinda funny to see them up ahead of us. There was like 12 or 14 of them. It seemed to make the trip home go a lot faster!

Oh, and here's a little tip for those long trips and the sun is right on the horizon and so shining right in the windshield, bring along a smallish board book. This reduces complaints (i.e screams) about the sun shining in rear seat passengers eyes! Sean just held the book up and was shielded from the menacing rays while enjoying his book at the same time! :)

We got the kids bathed and put to bed by 8:30 with very little fuss or muss! :)
Yeah, so I think that's pretty much everything except the photos...I'll have to try and get those up for ya soon!


Sarah said...

Glad to see you guys had a great Father's day in NS!

Laura said...

Hey Sarah! Thanks, it was a nice trip. What did you guys do? How are you feeling these days? When is your due date again?

Sarah said...

We had dinner with my parents and then supper with Mike's. It was a good day, tiring but good. I'm feeling not too bad, I'm due on Aug10th, but having a c-section on the 4th. Dr figures it's safer, and good now since I found out the baby is breech last week :S
I meant to comment on Sean's backwards hat, Brayden does the same and calls himself a cool dude. We have funny boys!!

Laura said...

Sounds like you guys had a pretty busy day too!

Wow, the 4th of August that is gonna come quick! Did you have a C section last time? Are you glad to know exactly when this little one is going to show up?

I agree our boys are certainly funny! I love the backwards hat look :)