Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Finally, Some Pictures!!!

Indeed, I have some pictures for you and you can expect lots more to come in future posts! This'll be just a quick note as it's late now and I'm getting sleepy.

Emma-Lyn's appointment went well today. She is 13 lbs 9 oz and 24 3/4 inches long. This puts her on the small scale of things but she is healthy and strong. The doctor said that she was doing great and that he had no concerns about her health. Here's hoping the health nurses think the same when it comes to her vaccinations!

Now for the photo op:

So here is where we spent the past 3 weeks. The picture is taken from in a canoe in the pond out back...so beautiful.

Grammie with her babies!

Auntie Linda and our baby girl.

And I just thought this was purddy :)

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Anonymous said...

Your pictures are beautiful!! What type of flower is it? Well it doesn't matter. The flowers make feel all cheerful inside... ad thats a good thing!!

Love you lots an' lots and the whole family too!!

CrAzY dragon