Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Photo Scavenger Hunt

So here are the pictures we took for the photo scavenger hunt we went on. My team was made up of Marko, Troy and Nick and mid-way through the game we picked up Jana.

Here is our first stop:
We needed a picture with the team (minus the one taking the shot) with a plane.

This was our shot for, 'Wow, I can't believe we all fit in here!' This is me, Troy and Marko all crammed into the trunk of Troy's Jeep Patriot.

This was our shot of us with someone in uniform...Taken at the airport.

This is our picture with an animal. This is the Cow's Ice Cream Cow (If you didn't know, not only is Cow's an Island company but they were also voted the best ice cream in Canada.)

This is the team dancing with a tourist.

Here we are doing what the sign says...paying for our parking ticket at the airport.

This is our, 'can you find us?' shot.

Next we have our 'Island Moment.' Gotta love Anne!

This was our 'funniest thing we could find' shot.

Next we hit the local Leon's and sat on one of their couches.

This was our 'interesting perspective' shot. It's kinda hard to see our reflection what with all the writing on the door but still kinda cool.

Finally a shot with Jana in it! Here we are on a fire truck.

And then we went to the Scotiabank to get a shot of us going through the drive-thru.

Here we are at the Best Western for our picture taken 'in a hotel lobby' and got extra points for getting an employee in the shot. Funny thing is that all the teams came to this same hotel to get this picture! The employees must have thought we were nuts!!

Here we are pumping gas for someone who owns a mini-van..To say the guy who owns this one was a little weirded out by our request would be an understatement!

And finally our shot of 'making ourselves look small. This is taken in front of Province House.


Bernie said...

So how did you do?? Were there prizes??

Anonymous said...

WOW! What a fun thing to do, how neat and looks like a great time. Pictures are awesome.
Mom Hope

Laura said...

This really was a super fun thing to do! I hope we get to do it again sometime soon! There weren't any prizes. We came in second! And it was a pretty tight race! I recommend that any group of friends looking for a fun thing to do should totally try this out!