Wednesday, July 23, 2008


So now here are a whole wack of pictures of people! There really isn't any rhyme or reason to the order of the photos but I still hope you enjoy them and the captions.

Emma-Lyny just rolling around on the carpet. Our first day there she revealed her rolling prowess by not only rolling front to back but back to front as well...then she decided that she'd like to have her two front bottom teeth pop through while we were there...Exciting times they were!

Our first night and day there were so very cold!! I mean we even had to turn the furnace on if you can believe that. The rest of our stay we needed fans and trips to the beach to keep cool.

Sean and Grammie hanging out at the beach. Sean had so much fun at the beach. He loves to throw rock in the water and splash people.

So what do you think? Pretty sweet eh? I'm thinking this should be my profile pic in Facebook...

Or maybe this one instead, he looks far cuter in it than me!! :)

Another thing Sean loves is ICE CREAM!! He just sat quietly and gobbled the whole thing up!

He loves rough housing with his Auntie Linda!!

While we spent most of our time at the farmhouse we did get a couple of weekend passes to come in town and hang with the gang. This is at Mike's birthday party at Boston Pizza. Danielle seems ever so pleased with her magnetized cutlery!!

Summer isn't summer until you've had a bonfire at the beach!! Good times!

Sean is all set to mow the lawn. I'm very thankful for the headphones after cutting the lawn! There was a LOT of lawn to cut!

Would you just look at this cutie pie?!!

Got it made in the shade!

Doesn't she just look as pleased as punch?!! She loved playing ball with her big brother!

High Five!!

And now we topple over...

Got a fire? Emma-Lyn will come to your rescue and drool all over it until it's out!

And so this is a funny picture! Ever stand in line at a restaurant and start up a conversation with the people in line with you? Yeah? Well that's what happened here. The two ladies and I just started gabbing up a storm to the point that we exchanged phone numbers and emails!! Such a fun night!

And only in PEI do see this... A tractor parked at a Sobeys! We found out after that the owner (a rather elderly gentleman) had his driver's licence taken away but they can't take away his tractor licence...Now that's being resourceful!

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