Wednesday, July 30, 2008

So How Was Your Day?!

Mine was all kinds of crazy! It started out quietly and uneventful but quickly ramped up in the excitement and eventful factor!!

Sean and I were watching some tv and I was nursing in Emma-Lyn when we heard some loud bangs and crashes in the outer room of our apartment but I didn't think anything of it since we hear a lot of weird noises anyways. But then Gerry started pounding on the door, so while I was still nursing Emma-Lyn I dashed across the kitchen and opened the door to see no Gerry but the fire extinguisher on the floor. At that point I heard Sharon from our back stairs yelling to get out and as I turned around I looked up into our bathroom to see flames coming out of the fan in our shower! I quickly turned about grabbed Sean by the hand and ran for the stairs (I was still nursing Emma-Lyn) We got upstairs and out on the deck before we stopped running.

Thankfully Gerry was quick enough to put the fire out with the extinguisher but we did end up calling in the fire department to inspect our bathroom. Before he arrived my friend Melissa and her daughter arrived (she thought she was coming over for a playdate when really she was about to find herself in the middle of some good old fashioned chaos!) We played out on the swing set and while we were sitting there the Purolator truck showed up and brought me my free sippy cups from Avent...of course they would come today!

After that the insurance agent showed up as did Servicemaster. I soon found out that they would be tearing down all our ceiling tiles, putting in a new bathtub and repainting all the walls! So the fun part of this entire experience is that we get to pick new colours for the apartment! I gave my statement to the insurance agent and tried to make sense of the day. Grammie came and took Sean out for the better part of the day and I stayed put while we figured out what was going on.

Servicemaster was quite quick and started today. To help keep costs down I'm helping to clean our apartment. We don't have renter's insurance so anything that has happened to our own stuff is our responsibility to clean. Thankfully it doesn't look like it's going to cost all that much. While they are fixing our apartment we'll be living upstairs with our landlord and landlady who just happen to be the most wonderful people in the world!

Sean was excited to stay with Gerry and Sharon so that was good and he seems to be settling in pretty good.

In other news, tomorrow Emma-Lyn gets her vaccinations. So I'll have more info to share with you tomorrow sometime!


Sarah said...

Oh my, what a day you guys had!! So glad that everyone is OK!

Sassy_Canuk said...

good grief you surely did have an exciting day! I am so glad you are all OK and that you get new colours in your apartment :D

Anonymous said...

The Lord was watching over you - just a reminder from him that HE is there!

Oh, and everyone should have apt. insurance - it's only around $100 and covers all your stuff - so worth it because in a fire, the landlord's insurance does NOT cover your things - people don't seem to know that and I think insurance companies should be making it a public announcment and get the word out!

Laura said...

It's true, we really should have invested in apt. insurance! Thankfully there was little to no damage done to our belongings so that's good.