Saturday, July 26, 2008

Summertime Fun!

I'm loving the warm weather! Well, I'm loving it when I'm close to large bodies of water that I can run into so I can cool off! The humidity isn't fun, but what is fun is going to the beach with Grammie and kiddies. Both Sean and Emma-Lyn enjoyed puttering about in the water. Emma-Lyn was squealing with delight as Grammie walked her about in the water. Sean LOVED just playing in the water, he never even wanted to get out to dry off and play in the sand for awhile.

Today was a really fun day. Grammie came over to look after the kids while Marko and I joined the gang in a game of photo scavenger hunt! There were three teams and we were given lists of stuff to photograph. We only had an hour to do it and there were 23 things that we could possibly get done. I think my favourite picture was getting a picture of our team pumping gas into some guy's mini van!! So funny. I don't have the pictures to include in this post but maybe tomorrow I'll get them up!

Here's Emma-Lyn playing with her kitchen... "Look Mommy, I'm gonna cook stuff just like you!!"
"So how do you work this contraption anyways?!!"


It's a fisherman's life for me...

Sean loved playing with Grammie in the water!

This is the view from Tracadie Beach.

Just thought that this was a cool shot.

Mr. July

And finally, the girls having a whale of a time or should I say giraffe?!

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Carrie K. said...

Both of your kids are so adorable! I'm glad you're enjoying your summer.