Tuesday, July 08, 2008

What an Affectionate Boy!

Maybe it's the country air or maybe it's in the water but whatever it is, it has turned my boy into a kissing machine!! He LOVES to give kisses and BIG kisses at that. He'll come running up to you, gleefully calling out, "I'm gonna kiss you!" and he'll grab you and try to hold your head while he lays a big wet one right on your lips! And truly there is no getting out of the kiss until he's ready to let you go, so make sure you take a deep breath! So funny!

Tonight was Bible study night and we actually had a few adventurous souls who made the long trek out here! It was great to have friends in to chat and study God's Word. Since there's a piano here we even ventured some singing, which brought Sean down out of his bed. So there we all were standing around the piano belting out a couple hymns! Good times!

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