Sunday, August 31, 2008

Birthday Bash

So today was my big 3-2 birthday!! Yeee Haw!! Last night we had the whole gang in for food and fun! Sean got to stay up and check out all the action for awhile too, which he dearly loved!

We ordered in Swiss Chalet and Chinese food. After which we played some Quelf!

Today my family came over and we had a really nice visit. I know this is just a short post but I have a whole bunch to post soon too so hopefully that'll make up for this ridiculously short post.

Here are a couple of pictures which pretty much sum me up in a nutshell:

So now you know the rest of the story!! :) This card had me laughing and laughing!! LOVED IT! Thanks B&B!!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Saying Good Bye...

It seems we're knee deep in good-byes this week. Not only did we have to say good bye to Grammie and Auntie Linda but today Melissa, Kevin and Menita have left for Ontario. Although we didn't say good bye this week (we had a play date earlier) it's still hard to think that they'll be so far away now. I'm looking forward to reading about their adventures in Melissa's blog!! So Melissa if you're still reading this blog, get with the writing of your blog!! I can't wait to see pictures and hear stories!

Yesterday we said good bye to Grammie and Auntie Linda. I'm not sure if Sean totally understood what was happening but I know he'll be asking about them and looking forward to phone calls from them. We had such a great summer with them. I enjoyed our special time together out in Upton on the farm. Having the fire made things a little hectic after we got back, but I'm so happy that Sean got to spend so much quality time with his family doing special things. He got to go on the town bus and the double decker bus. He went to the beach just with Auntie Linda which I'm sure was a great treat for him. Canoing in the pond I think had to be one of his favourite things to do. And simply just climbing into their laps and listening to stories was such a special quiet time for him. Thank you Grammie and Auntie Linda for being such special and wonderful ladies. Sean and Emma-Lyn (and us) are so very blessed to call you our family!!

Today was another fun day. We, that is me, the kiddos and Jennie went for a lovely walk on a nearby trail and then hit the library. I was hoping to pick up a book called The Hiding Place, but was not successful (they have it ordered from one of the other local libraries) but I was successful in getting Sean and I our own library cards. The really cool part (or at least I thought it was neat) was that instead of the standard library card you could chose to have it as a key tag! I love it!

Sean loved the children's area. Not only were there books but also toys! He had a blast and was more than pleased to check out his first book!! In case you're wondering it was Richard Scarrey's Best Story Book Ever. He LOVES it! I'm sure we'll be reading it a lot over the next three weeks.

Friday, August 22, 2008

No It Wasn't...

the end of the bathroom chaos that is...I thought it was all over so I thought I'd stay in my p.js a little longer. It was about 9 am when the knock on the door came and I peered out to see yet another Service Master employee on my doorstep...He was here to vacuum our back stairs...Yippee! I was not impressed to say the least. I told him it would be a minute since I wanted to get DRESSED an all!!

After they finished up, I apologized for being a bit snappy with him and he was really good about that and then was good enough to inform me that a painter was going to come in to finish some painting!! I was all like, seriously?! This is the first I heard about that. And within minutes of Service Master pulling out the painter strolled in. And he wasn't even sure what he was here to paint!! Thankfully Gerry came down and sorted things out.

By the time the painter left Sean was bouncing off the walls and really wanted to go outside to play and I thought this was a perfect idea. I got Emma-Lyn to bed and Sean and I headed to the swing set for some fresh air and fun!

And while I was pushing him in the swing, he calls out, "Hey Mommy, there goes Gerry!" I glance up and sure enough his van is headed down the road. The thought occurs to me that maybe he locked the door...and maybe I forgot to take my keys outside with me. I gave Sean a really big push and then headed to the front door...And sure enough it was locked tight! At this point I just started to laugh...Here I am outside with my 2 year old son while my baby girl slept peacefully locked inside the house!!

And what do you suppose Sean really wanted to do next? But go pee! Good times! So it was through the living room window we went! Sean thought this was great! LOL

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

She's on the Move

Baby Girl Creeping from lauraperic on Vimeo.

Yes, baby girl is creeping! And she is pulling up and desperately wants to start walking! I think she sees here big brother running around her and just wants to get in on the action!

Could This Be the End...

Of all the bathroom mayhem? I certainly hope so. Our landlord's came up with a handy dandy quick and easy solution. They used some original left over tiles for the bathroom to replace the two chipped tiles! YAY! So, today we hung out with Grammie at her place, which Sean quite enjoyed. There was a super duper play room full of fun toys! He was thrilled! I'll have to post a couple pics but I have a cute little video I'd like to share first.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

And Our Bathroom Saga Continues...

or so it would seem. You see, when they put in our new tub, they chipped some of our ceramic tile. And now they need to fix it and it looks like we're about to have our bathroom floor ripped up to put down new tiles!! Yipppeeee! That means the kids and I are off again in search of a hide out while we wait for them to finish up the bathroom. That said, our landlords are crafting up their own solution to the chipped tile which sounds a lot less invasive and much more efficient.

New posts coming about this as events warrant....I know you're all just on pins and needles to see the new place!!

Monday, August 18, 2008


Emma-Lyn is busy trying out her sounds these days and very much likes to say, "Da da" Which is so super cute. I love hearing her little voice that I'll sit there and say it back to her hoping that she'll repeat me. She just smiles a huge smile and smacks her lips together and begins her, da-da-da's once again. I LOVE it and was quite pleased with her saying da-da. But Sean was not so impressed and began trying to teach her to say, ma-ma-ma!! He actually said, and I quote, "No, Emma-Lyn. You need to say Ma Ma Ma!!" How funny is that?!!

Sean has become quite the little helper. He loves to try anything you're doing and just the other night he helped feed Emma-Lyn her cereal while Marko and I put the finishing touches on our own supper. He was very good with her too and waited for her to finish before putting another spoonful in her mouth and he didn't shove the spoon down her throat either!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

The End of Old Home Week

This weekend marked the end of Old Home Week here on the Island and with that we get the Gold Cup and Saucer Parade!! So we took the kids and enjoyed the floats, the bands and the mounties! Check us out!

Baby Girl and Daddy getting ready for the parade.

Sean and Jennie ready for fun!

"Just what is all the fuss about anyways?!"

Auntie Linda and Sean watching the parade go by.

What's a parade without the Mounties eh?!

Talk about a classy band!!

And then there was this band...

Now, that's classy!!

I have more to post about but it's late and I've got a busy day tomorrow!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A Good Visit

We had a lovely visit with my fam on Sunday. Sean and Emma-Lyn were great for the whole trip which was a great blessing. Emma-Lyn decided that enough was enough and that she would try pulling up on her own! She's been doing it for awhile using my fingers but this time she used a lawn chair! I could hardly believe it. And then today she's gone and figured out how to scoot on her belly (not quite crawling but definitely mobile!!)

The apartment is just about done. We've got a new toilet now and a new sink to add to our new tub and dryer! So now they just have to come in and paint the bathroom and life should be pretty near back to normal minus all the crazy loads of laundry I have to do. I am so thankful that Sharon has been able to help me out with this!

Anyhoo, here are some quick pics from our trip to the mainland.

Grampa and Gramma's house.

"Mmmmm, apples!"

One sleepy baby.

A froggy.

A creepy crawly..

Grampa (do you suppose he could get his socks up any higher?! :) and Sean playing in the tent. I'm pretty excited about the tent since mom and dad are giving it to Marko and I along with all their camping gear!! The tent needs a little patch work but other than that should be great!

One sweet baby girl.

Mom and Dad's fish. They're Koi.

A very happy little lad!

Farewell to Nova Scotia.

I love sunsets on the open water!

Wood Islands.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

There's No Place Like Home!

Last night was our first night back in our very own little apartment and it was sooooo wonderful! I love the new look of the place and am looking forward to the completion of the bathroom. Everything is functional there's just a few touch ups to be done. Once that's done I'll be doing up a video tour for you all to see! :)

Sean is really happy in his new blue room! He got so excited just to see it and jump around in it. I'm sure Emma-Lyn loves her new pink room too! We left our room in yellow which we're pleased with.

We're all looking forward to tomorrow and heading to the mainland to visit with my family! Mom had invited us over the Sunday following the fire but it was just too hectic here and so we opted for this Sunday! Here's hoping the rain stops and the sun shines all day!

Speaking of rain, here are some fun shots of Sean playing in his kiddy pool after a big rain shower!

Yes, the boy is sitting in the pool, fully clothed!

And here he is just dancing up a storm! pun intended.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Living In Interesting Times...

Well, it has officially been a week since the fire and here we are still not back in our place...sigh. Currently we're still hanging our hats upstairs which is really quite nice for us but still not quite the same as being in your own place.

The exciting part now is that the painters are coming TOMORROW!!! I can't wait to see the new colours on the walls! I've taken some before shots for your viewing pleasure. I think for the after part I might do it up as a video.

Here is our entry way.

The kitchen.

Looking into the living room from Marko's office area.

Looking into Sean's room.

This is the wall facing Sean's bed.

Here is Emma-Lyn's room.

Looking into our bedroom.

The facing wall in our bedroom.

Looking from the living room into Marko's office area.

And finally our bathroom...where there is still plenty of work to be done...there should be a toilet and cupboard in this shot...the toilet is now sitting in our laundry room and the cupboard is in the living room.

And there should be a sink and vanity under this mirror...what you don't see is the ever attractive hole in the floor...

So in other news, do you remember how I told you about Emma-Lyn's shots and the health nurses weighing her and how they wanted me to come in with her sometime this month to check her weight again, and how I was going to sort of on purpose forget about that appointment?!!

Yeah, well it seems that they don't let you off quite that easy. I got a call from the lactation consultant (I missed the actual call and heard her message later) asking to book an appointment for Emma-Lyn...Yippeee. She said that Emma-Lyn is supposed to gain a pound and 8 ounces for this next weigh in...ARGH And so what if she doesn't?! Just what are they going to do about that?! And why doesn't the doctor's word trump these health nurses?!!...sigh

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Vaccinations and Other Stories...

So baby girl got her shots this past Thursday and did quite well. As per visit she was weighed and measured and I held my breath hoping that the nurse would be satisfied and I wouldn't have to go through all the rigmarole of having to live through additional weigh ins by the nurses. Yet again, they have deemed it necessary that she get weighed again!! Cannot believe it! They asked me what my doctor said and I told them that he said she was fine that you don't get to look this good at her age and have something wrong with her...yeah, apparently that wasn't good enough. That said, she told me just to bring her in sometime next month...hmmmm...I'm thinking that I might just happen to be quite busy next month...

I thought I'd post some pics of things we did before the fire kinda threw our lives into a bit of a tail spin...

Sean just LOVES buses, any kind of bus...well really the lad loves anything with wheels! But here we have Grammie and Sean taking a ride in one of our ever so quaint town buses.

The driver even let Sean sit in his seat!

My sweet baby girl in her new dress from Grammie.

This next photo deserves a bit of explaining. Our good friends the Skys, have their own inn here on the Island as well as their performance centre where they hold their very own family shows. If you ever get a chance to come to the Island, I HIGHLY recommend that you come to one of their shows. It is amazing! You laugh, you cry, you clap, you tap, you may even get the chance to dance...on seen here:
Wow, the picture of grace and poise no?! This is Gabe Sky errr, I mean Rudy. He's from Newfoundland and was teaching me how to dance a very authentic Newfoundland dance including authentic Newfoundland hat, glasses and rubber boots!

"I've got JUNGLE FEVER!!"

And now for some pics of our apartment just in case you were wondering...

This is our laundry room with a handy dandy air scrubber all hooked up. It did a great job you can't smell any smoke now.

Here is where the top of the shower used to be. You can see where it was beginning to burn the beams above
And here is the main part of the apt with all of the ceiling tiles removed.

It looks like we may be back into our place this Wednesday. They've already cleaned the whole place and have most of our new ceiling tiles in and should soon start painting the place. While things have been in a state of chaos in our apartment we have been staying upstairs. But now the cleaners are heading that way and the kiddos and I have to look for some place to hang our hats while they do their thing. We are so thankful for Brian and Bonnie who have just stepped in when we needed them most! Thank you guys soooo much! This has meant so much to us to have a soft place to land while things start to get back in order.