Monday, August 18, 2008


Emma-Lyn is busy trying out her sounds these days and very much likes to say, "Da da" Which is so super cute. I love hearing her little voice that I'll sit there and say it back to her hoping that she'll repeat me. She just smiles a huge smile and smacks her lips together and begins her, da-da-da's once again. I LOVE it and was quite pleased with her saying da-da. But Sean was not so impressed and began trying to teach her to say, ma-ma-ma!! He actually said, and I quote, "No, Emma-Lyn. You need to say Ma Ma Ma!!" How funny is that?!!

Sean has become quite the little helper. He loves to try anything you're doing and just the other night he helped feed Emma-Lyn her cereal while Marko and I put the finishing touches on our own supper. He was very good with her too and waited for her to finish before putting another spoonful in her mouth and he didn't shove the spoon down her throat either!

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