Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Living In Interesting Times...

Well, it has officially been a week since the fire and here we are still not back in our place...sigh. Currently we're still hanging our hats upstairs which is really quite nice for us but still not quite the same as being in your own place.

The exciting part now is that the painters are coming TOMORROW!!! I can't wait to see the new colours on the walls! I've taken some before shots for your viewing pleasure. I think for the after part I might do it up as a video.

Here is our entry way.

The kitchen.

Looking into the living room from Marko's office area.

Looking into Sean's room.

This is the wall facing Sean's bed.

Here is Emma-Lyn's room.

Looking into our bedroom.

The facing wall in our bedroom.

Looking from the living room into Marko's office area.

And finally our bathroom...where there is still plenty of work to be done...there should be a toilet and cupboard in this shot...the toilet is now sitting in our laundry room and the cupboard is in the living room.

And there should be a sink and vanity under this mirror...what you don't see is the ever attractive hole in the floor...

So in other news, do you remember how I told you about Emma-Lyn's shots and the health nurses weighing her and how they wanted me to come in with her sometime this month to check her weight again, and how I was going to sort of on purpose forget about that appointment?!!

Yeah, well it seems that they don't let you off quite that easy. I got a call from the lactation consultant (I missed the actual call and heard her message later) asking to book an appointment for Emma-Lyn...Yippeee. She said that Emma-Lyn is supposed to gain a pound and 8 ounces for this next weigh in...ARGH And so what if she doesn't?! Just what are they going to do about that?! And why doesn't the doctor's word trump these health nurses?!!...sigh

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