Friday, August 22, 2008

No It Wasn't...

the end of the bathroom chaos that is...I thought it was all over so I thought I'd stay in my p.js a little longer. It was about 9 am when the knock on the door came and I peered out to see yet another Service Master employee on my doorstep...He was here to vacuum our back stairs...Yippee! I was not impressed to say the least. I told him it would be a minute since I wanted to get DRESSED an all!!

After they finished up, I apologized for being a bit snappy with him and he was really good about that and then was good enough to inform me that a painter was going to come in to finish some painting!! I was all like, seriously?! This is the first I heard about that. And within minutes of Service Master pulling out the painter strolled in. And he wasn't even sure what he was here to paint!! Thankfully Gerry came down and sorted things out.

By the time the painter left Sean was bouncing off the walls and really wanted to go outside to play and I thought this was a perfect idea. I got Emma-Lyn to bed and Sean and I headed to the swing set for some fresh air and fun!

And while I was pushing him in the swing, he calls out, "Hey Mommy, there goes Gerry!" I glance up and sure enough his van is headed down the road. The thought occurs to me that maybe he locked the door...and maybe I forgot to take my keys outside with me. I gave Sean a really big push and then headed to the front door...And sure enough it was locked tight! At this point I just started to laugh...Here I am outside with my 2 year old son while my baby girl slept peacefully locked inside the house!!

And what do you suppose Sean really wanted to do next? But go pee! Good times! So it was through the living room window we went! Sean thought this was great! LOL

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Sarah said...

Laura, you have the most exciting adventures on a day to day basis! I'm glad it's not me....