Thursday, August 28, 2008

Saying Good Bye...

It seems we're knee deep in good-byes this week. Not only did we have to say good bye to Grammie and Auntie Linda but today Melissa, Kevin and Menita have left for Ontario. Although we didn't say good bye this week (we had a play date earlier) it's still hard to think that they'll be so far away now. I'm looking forward to reading about their adventures in Melissa's blog!! So Melissa if you're still reading this blog, get with the writing of your blog!! I can't wait to see pictures and hear stories!

Yesterday we said good bye to Grammie and Auntie Linda. I'm not sure if Sean totally understood what was happening but I know he'll be asking about them and looking forward to phone calls from them. We had such a great summer with them. I enjoyed our special time together out in Upton on the farm. Having the fire made things a little hectic after we got back, but I'm so happy that Sean got to spend so much quality time with his family doing special things. He got to go on the town bus and the double decker bus. He went to the beach just with Auntie Linda which I'm sure was a great treat for him. Canoing in the pond I think had to be one of his favourite things to do. And simply just climbing into their laps and listening to stories was such a special quiet time for him. Thank you Grammie and Auntie Linda for being such special and wonderful ladies. Sean and Emma-Lyn (and us) are so very blessed to call you our family!!

Today was another fun day. We, that is me, the kiddos and Jennie went for a lovely walk on a nearby trail and then hit the library. I was hoping to pick up a book called The Hiding Place, but was not successful (they have it ordered from one of the other local libraries) but I was successful in getting Sean and I our own library cards. The really cool part (or at least I thought it was neat) was that instead of the standard library card you could chose to have it as a key tag! I love it!

Sean loved the children's area. Not only were there books but also toys! He had a blast and was more than pleased to check out his first book!! In case you're wondering it was Richard Scarrey's Best Story Book Ever. He LOVES it! I'm sure we'll be reading it a lot over the next three weeks.


Sarah said...

I think that Sean and Brayden are more alike than we know...Brayden's favorite place is the library, and he cries if we drive by and don't go in!

Laura said...

Hey Sarah, I've heard of kids crying when they don't get to go to McDonalds but not the library. That is sooo cute! I have to admit that I love the library too, must get back there soon!