Saturday, August 09, 2008

There's No Place Like Home!

Last night was our first night back in our very own little apartment and it was sooooo wonderful! I love the new look of the place and am looking forward to the completion of the bathroom. Everything is functional there's just a few touch ups to be done. Once that's done I'll be doing up a video tour for you all to see! :)

Sean is really happy in his new blue room! He got so excited just to see it and jump around in it. I'm sure Emma-Lyn loves her new pink room too! We left our room in yellow which we're pleased with.

We're all looking forward to tomorrow and heading to the mainland to visit with my family! Mom had invited us over the Sunday following the fire but it was just too hectic here and so we opted for this Sunday! Here's hoping the rain stops and the sun shines all day!

Speaking of rain, here are some fun shots of Sean playing in his kiddy pool after a big rain shower!

Yes, the boy is sitting in the pool, fully clothed!

And here he is just dancing up a storm! pun intended.

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