Sunday, August 03, 2008

Vaccinations and Other Stories...

So baby girl got her shots this past Thursday and did quite well. As per visit she was weighed and measured and I held my breath hoping that the nurse would be satisfied and I wouldn't have to go through all the rigmarole of having to live through additional weigh ins by the nurses. Yet again, they have deemed it necessary that she get weighed again!! Cannot believe it! They asked me what my doctor said and I told them that he said she was fine that you don't get to look this good at her age and have something wrong with her...yeah, apparently that wasn't good enough. That said, she told me just to bring her in sometime next month...hmmmm...I'm thinking that I might just happen to be quite busy next month...

I thought I'd post some pics of things we did before the fire kinda threw our lives into a bit of a tail spin...

Sean just LOVES buses, any kind of bus...well really the lad loves anything with wheels! But here we have Grammie and Sean taking a ride in one of our ever so quaint town buses.

The driver even let Sean sit in his seat!

My sweet baby girl in her new dress from Grammie.

This next photo deserves a bit of explaining. Our good friends the Skys, have their own inn here on the Island as well as their performance centre where they hold their very own family shows. If you ever get a chance to come to the Island, I HIGHLY recommend that you come to one of their shows. It is amazing! You laugh, you cry, you clap, you tap, you may even get the chance to dance...on seen here:
Wow, the picture of grace and poise no?! This is Gabe Sky errr, I mean Rudy. He's from Newfoundland and was teaching me how to dance a very authentic Newfoundland dance including authentic Newfoundland hat, glasses and rubber boots!

"I've got JUNGLE FEVER!!"

And now for some pics of our apartment just in case you were wondering...

This is our laundry room with a handy dandy air scrubber all hooked up. It did a great job you can't smell any smoke now.

Here is where the top of the shower used to be. You can see where it was beginning to burn the beams above
And here is the main part of the apt with all of the ceiling tiles removed.

It looks like we may be back into our place this Wednesday. They've already cleaned the whole place and have most of our new ceiling tiles in and should soon start painting the place. While things have been in a state of chaos in our apartment we have been staying upstairs. But now the cleaners are heading that way and the kiddos and I have to look for some place to hang our hats while they do their thing. We are so thankful for Brian and Bonnie who have just stepped in when we needed them most! Thank you guys soooo much! This has meant so much to us to have a soft place to land while things start to get back in order.

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