Sunday, September 28, 2008

Memorable Moments

Well, this has definitely been a weekend of memories. On Friday Bonnie and the girls came over for a little visit before Bonnie had to go to the ladies retreat. I was looking after the girls until Brian came over to pick them up. I'll tell you, it sure is a lot more interesting trying to do some baking with 4 little ones about than just 2. Still, we were able to make some cupcakes in honour of Hannah's first birthday.

Friday night I went over to my friend Tammy's for a bit of a girls' night and to highlight my hair again. Tammy had invited a gal she works with who shares our slightly silly sort of humour. She was a really fun gal and we found out halfway through the evening that we had gone to the same highschool together!! So we had a great time remembering teachers and classmates! I don't have any pictures of my hair. (I forgot to take my camera) But I like the look, nothing too dramatic but fun.

Saturday was Junko's wedding and it was a pretty sweet little ceremony. I keep likening it to a wedding straight out of the fifties, where the groom is in a suit instead of a tux and the bride is wearing a simple white dress. I think my favourite part was when they sang a song together. The poor groom was such a good sport about that! The funny part about the wedding was when I was just looking around and noticed a familiar face. I couldn't believe it, but one of the guys from ServiceMaster was at the wedding! Turns out he's one of the grooms cousins!! How funny is that?!

That evening we had friends in to play Apples to Apples and some of the latest Singstar. Always love me some Singstar and the game Apples to Apples can get pretty funny too!

Today we went to church and stayed for the pot luck afterwards. Sean did pretty well through the first service, I only had to take him out once and not for very long. We enjoyed the pot luck immensely since we had forgotten about it, so it was such a bonus!

After church we jetted on over to the MacDonalds to celebrate Hannah's birthday! This is one girl who knows how to enjoy a cake! Emma-Lyn also thought she'd at least give icing a try...turns out she likes it--A LOT! And tonight was the premiere of Amazing Race and we had some of the gang over to take that in. Emma-Lyn has been a bit cranky this evening and I can only guess as to why. Hopefully she'll settle and get a good night's rest.

OH MY LAND! I can't believe I almost forgot to tell you about this! This morning was especially memorable! Both of the kiddos decided it was time to show Mommy and Daddy what they're really capable of! For starters, when I went in to get Emma-Lyn up from her morning nap, I found her standing up pleased as punch with herself! We knew she could pull up on furniture and the like but didn't think she was interested in doing things like that in her crib...In case you're wondering, yes, we did lower the mattress to a much safer level.

Secondly, just before heading out for church, Marko reminded Sean that it was time to go to the bathroom. Sean jumped up off the couch and told Daddy that he could do it all by himself. He wanted to shut the door but Daddy had him leave it open. Sure enough, our little lad got his pants down, jumped up on the pot, got his business done, with just a little help got his pants back up again, then washed and dried his hands... All by himself!! Wow, this little guy isn't such a little guy at all.

Here is our baby girl sporting a sweet outfit that Gramm Hope bought and then embroidered her name in the top! So cute.
Blue eyes...My baby's got blue eyes...

And now let's settle in for Books with Bonnie, a time to snuggle up with good friends and a good book.
Little Miss Look At Me, I Can Pull Up In My Crib!!!

"Hmmm, I think I'm gonna like this birthday gig!!"

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Our Week in a Nutshell

Yeah, so I just happened to go visit Stephanie at The Greenhouse and noticed that she had a really nice, new, snazzy layout for her blog and decided it was time for a make-over for this blog. Yay for newness! :)

Things are going well here, we've had a busy week. On Monday night we went to Jennie and Danielle's for some supper and Sean and Emma-Lyn decided they would provide the entertainment for us. I don't think Emma-Lyn has ever been quite so excited to see people! She was just gushing with the charm! And Sean was being his whole shy and cute and then crazy and cute! Too funny.

Tuesday we had our study here at our house and for some unknown reason Sean was just not interested in sleeping. I think it was nearing 10:00 by the time he finally went down and stayed down. Tonight he was in bed and sleeping by 8:00, so that's a relief!

Wednesday was another big day with the kiddos and I heading over to Grace Christian School for the morning. I love going over there and seeing all the children and the staff again. I got to speak at the Elementary chapel time so that was extra nice! That evening we went to prayer meeting which was extra great to go to since it has been a very long time since we've been to it. Sean and Emma-Lyn stayed in the nursery and had a great time. It was yet another late night for the kiddos but that's okay.

Today was fairly quiet for the kiddos and I anyways. Marko had a bit more excitement on his drive home when he got a flat tire! He got it changed by himself and gave me a call home just so I wouldn't worry. I was going to go to a little party a girl friend of mine was having, but there just wasn't any chance of that after the tire incident. Oh well, tomorrow night I'm getting together with some of the gals to do some good ol' fashioned hair dyeing. I'm thinking there will be lots of laughing and carrying on...and of course there will be Pepsi...there just always has to be Pepsi!

Tomorrow also marks a major milestone for one of my friend's daughters!! Bonnie's daughter Hannah is turning the big 1 tomorrow!! And tomorrow afternoon Bonnie and the girls will be over for a wee visit before Bonnie goes on a ladies retreat.

On Saturday my good friend Junko is getting married! So that should keep us fairly busy that day too!

In other happenings, Emma-Lyn is loving the solid food. She has cereal at lunch time and dinner. At dinner time she also gets a vegetable and sometimes chicken is mixed in with the vegetable. (why didn't I think of that when I started Sean on chicken?!!) She is LOVING it! She eats everything in sight! I'm sure she must be putting on the pounds now. I'll get to find out more about that in October when she goes in for her 9 month check-up.

Did you ever play the game, Ring around the Rosie when you were a kid? Kind of a morbid song, but I think my dear sweet son has managed to make a even more morbid...
Regular version of the song:
Ring around the rosie
a pocket full of posies
Husha- Husha
We all fall down.

Sean's version:
Ring around the rosies
a pocket full of TOESIES
Husha Husha
We all fall down...

Hmmmm, toesies you say? --Interesting. Just how he came to get a pocket full of toesies I'll never know!

He loves to build!

One pretty proud boy! (I just love him in those overalls!)

A look of fierce determination!

A look of deep consideration.
Could this be a look of immense constipation?!! Can't be after the day she had (read: 3 big poopy diapers)

Sporting a New Look

I was getting kinda tired of the old green on green on green and have opted for a more autumny look for now. The best part was just how easy it was to change the look. I had to upgrade my template then off to a pretty sweet site called The Cutest Blog on the Blogosphere and picked my fave background out of hundreds of choices! You'll notice the little box advertising for their site, if you click on that it'll take you over there and within minutes you'll have yourself a whole new bloggy look!! So fun!

Hope you enjoy my new look!!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Lots to Do

Things have been fairly busy for us this past weekend. On Friday the kiddies and I walked up to the mall so I could pick up some supplies for the wedding shower I was organizing for that evening. On the way home Emma-Lyn woke up and was poking her hands out of her stroller. Sean immediately grabbed one and informed me that he had to keep her safe! Now, who wouldn't want a big brother like that eh? :)

That evening Jennie and I headed up west (i.e. O'Leary) for the shower. We were a little nervous since we wouldn't really know anyone but the bride to be. Everyone really seemed to enjoy themselves. I think the highlight for me, had to be after the games were over and everyone had had something to eat and the bride to be was about to unwrap gifts, I noticed that I was leaking...quite noticeably... I tried to fold my sweater this way and that to hide the growing dark circle but nothing worked. I tried sitting with my arm in front of me, all that did was make my arm wet too. So by the end of the gifts I got up and followed Jennie down the hallway and showed her the great big wet spot and started laughing! It's then that she tells me that it was noticeable when I started the games!! I could only laugh that much harder by that point!

On Saturday Marko and I took the kiddos to Fort Amherst for a picnic and some family photos. It was such a lovely day! The sun was shining and it wasn't horribly cold out. Sean had a great time running around and finding sticks and stones to play with. We went for a leisurely drive thinking that the kids would nap. Well, Emma-Lyn napped but Sean stayed up and enjoyed the ride. We decided to go to a park and let him run around some more and then headed home for supper. He was pretty tuckered out by bedtime! That night we had some of the gang in to play Apples to Apples and Pit. Lotsa fun.

On Sunday we went to church and Sean sat upstairs with us again and this time I didn't have to take him out even once!! I am just so proud of this little boy! He did get a little wiggly but this time I brought along a couple of the Bible books that Auntie Linda had bought him and he was quite happy with that! What's more there were quite a few people who praised him for doing so well. One lady gave Sean a Cert which he thought was amazing and wanted to keep forever. Then there was another older gentleman that did a magic trick and gave Sean a loonie! Sean was over the moon about that. He was pretty thrilled with his loonie and had to show everone his new coin!

That afternoon my folks came over and we had a lovely visit. Sean loved having Grampy pull him around on the little red truck in the backyard. He also serenaded Gramma and Grampa with a couple songs which was really sweet since he usually gets too shy to sing in front of anyone.

I'm sure there were some other things I wanted to share with you but I can't think of them now...oh well guess it'll have to wait till the next post. :)

Our picnic spot at Fort Amherst. I love this place, it's so beautiful!

Sean just checking things out.
Us in colour...
And us in sepia.
I just love this picture of Daddy and his sweet little girl.

So, Sean decided to try his hand at taking pictures! Thank goodness for the tripod!

Emma-Lyn wuz here...

My sweet babyface girl.

Our handsome little hunk on a stump...heheehee

Playing on the beach.

Playing at the park...

And finally, playing with Gramma and Grampa Hope.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

A Busyish Weekend

Friday found all of the Perics happily at home. Marko got the day off! In the morning we had a really nice visit with Bonnie and the girls. Before lunch the we went for a quick walk down a trail nearby which was really nice. The weather was beautiful for a change!

After lunch and nap time we did some visiting. We went out to Nanny P's for a bit. While we were there we got to see Uncle Joe and Aunt Carolann. Sean was pretty shy at first but once he found a little ball to play with, he and uncle Joe had a grand time batting it about. Sean really did take a shining to Joe and would follow him about wherever he went. Emma-Lyn also noticed something special about Uncle Joe and was full of smiles for him and enjoyed having him carry her around like a princess. Once Joe had his fill of the kiddies, Nanny had a chance to visit with them too.

That evening was a girl's night out! Woo Hoo. We went glow bowling! What a hoot! I haven't bowled in who knows how long and it was just so much fun! Afterwards we went to DQ and gabbed.

Saturday was a bit rough. I went in to work for my oldies. (the gentleman had been in the hospital for quite some time) And I found out that he had passed away earlier that morning. I held his wife while she cried. She knew he was in a better place but couldn't help but miss him. We quickly set to work in getting the house in ship shape for the company that would be coming. He was such a wonderful man. I always enjoyed going over there, I knew he would quiz me about the Bible and make fun of the biscuits I baked(for some reason I have the uncanny ability to make lopsided biscuits--fortunately for me, they were his favourites!) I will certainly miss him.

Today we went to church and this was Sean's first time to go to our breaking of bread meeting. Usually he would go down to the nursery but with him starting Sunday school and all we figured he was old enough to join us for this meeting. To explain a bit about this meeting (I've always loved this meeting--it's so serene and uplifting)--to begin. It's really quiet for starters. Everyone sits down in a pew, quietly and waits for someone to begin. Either someone will mention a selection to sing, say a prayer or share some scripture. There's no instruments so everything is a capella which is really quite unique.

But for a two year old boy I guess it was a bit much. At first everything seemed to be going swimmingly but then he just erupted with sobs. I quickly hoisted him up and we went to the library to get settled down. Once the tears stopped we headed back in. He got quite fussy again so off we went to the library for a pep talk and in again we went and we stayed until the end of the meeting. Every time I got up I felt like I could feel every eye in the congregation watching me. I couldn't even imagine what people might have thought...As it turns out each eye that was watching, was watching in sympathy and in encouragement. So many people came up to me afterwards to praise Sean on how well he did for his first time---this was such an encouragement to me. So here's to next week and the week after that...

This afternoon we went to the library and then a park downtown. Sean had a great time picking out books and then playing in a new to him park. And now it is late and I need to head to bed so here are some quick pics.

Best friends sit on the same chair...apparently.

Walking our new found trail...thanks for the heads up Sharon!

Nanny and our baby girl.

My super awesome glowy bowling shoes!!

The girls were all aglow!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Never a Dull Moment

So, let's see now, we had the fire and now the flood and if you count all the fruit flies buzzing about, we've got pestilence now how long do you suppose we have until the frogs start showing up?! LOL

Yep, we had ourselves some flooding on Sunday when the remnants of hurricane Hannah pulled through. She dumped a good 96mm of rain on us which is a bit higher than the average rainfall that we get in the entire month of August!!

We had been out all Sunday afternoon and came home to large puddles! There was quite a large one making its way across the living room floor which I ended up splashing through in my sock feet. This was the puddle that got us hunting for possible other puddles...and more there were. We found a smallish one in our bedroom. A bigger one in the bathroom and a mighty fine looking lake in the laundry room! Gerry was quick to come down and help us bail out all the water. He brought down the shop vac and a dehumidifer. All the rooms are dry to the bone but it looks like the laminate flooring in our bedroom and living room wants to curl up at the sides now, so we'll see what kind of fun that means for us!! :)

In other news, I think I forgot to mention that the health nurse had called again! And asked me if I wanted to get Emma-Lyn weighed and what not and so I told her, no. No I did not want to go through all that hub bub again thank you so much. And she said, great. That's fine then. And she hung up. Sweet!

This Sunday was Sean's first day at Sunday school and he did great! He was pretty shy at first but by the end of it he had warmed up to his class and was having a fine time. They're learning about creation and how God made heaven and the earth. Sean and I have a little song we sing to remind us about that. He's so cute with it too. I'll have to see if I can get him to sing it for you! Oh, and he has also learned the song, I'm a Little Tea Pot. He is one super cute teapot if I do say so myself!! I'll have to post that one too sometime!

Emma-Lyn is getting more and more mobile with every passing moment! She's pulling up on anything and everything as well as doing her own G.I Jane army type crawl all over the place. I can tell by the look on her face that she is one determined little girl. She figures if everyone else is doing it, than so should she! So if that means standing up in the tub, well so will she much to her mother's horror! Sean loves helping with Emma-Lyn and is able to pick her up from one danger spot and place in a more Emma-Lyn friendly area.

Now for some face pictures:

Baby Girl

I love this picture.

And these two are just funny!

Now for my Big Boy:
Dripping wet!

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Finally...The Home Tour

So here it is the tour of our new apartment. Sorry about the wait, I've been meaning to get this up here but it seemed that any time I was going to do it there was a mountain of laundry on one or both of my living room couches and I just couldn't subject you to that but, I've had a change of heart since then. If you're ever gonna get a look at the place you're gonna have to see some laundry. (shudder)

So we'll begin with the living room:

The wall colour is called wheatfield and it's in the kitchen as well as Marko' office area as you will see in the following pictures. If you look closely you'll see the edge of my pile of laundry! How exciting, I know!

The Kitchen:

I really like how it's lightened up the place!

Marko's office:

Next we have Sean's bedroom which is painted in Little Boy apt don't you think?

Next is our room which I kept yellow but I think it might be a shade brighter than last time.

Here is Emma-Lyn's room in a pretty Peach Kiss colour:

And now my favourite room and the one that got the biggest make over...the bathroom which has been painted a seafoam blue colour:

So there you have it, the apartment in a nutshell! Hope you've enjoyed your tour!

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Sweet Peas

Mmmmm...Peas from lauraperic on Vimeo.

So what do you think? Think she just LOVES those peas?!! Yeah, so the video might lead you to believe that baby girl is just, oh so in love with the peas, but what you miss out on by just fractions of a second, is just how much she HATES peas!!

Yeah, I barely switch off the camera and the gagging and sour looks come out a plenty! I couldn't believe it! And then she was screaming! She really wanted to eat but wanted absolutely nothing to do with the lovely peas I had made her. Thankfully she didn't seem to mind them when I mushed them up good in her banana cereal! So she still got the goodness of peas without all the gagging!

Going To School...

Sunday school that is. This Sunday will be Sean's first official day at Sunday School!! I can hardly believe it!! He did go once over the summer and I managed to sneak a peak at him and he was doing great! Although he did want to convince the teacher that it was his birthday and should get a treat! I can hardly believe that he's going to be in his own little class learning about how much God loves him. And then there's the Christmas pageant! We'll actually be going to it this year! Can't wait to see how he does with that!

I have a cute little video that I'm sure you'll enjoy so I'll stop there and get to work on the clip!

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Summer Memories...It's a Long One

Just Some Thoughts...

Mostly Sean's thoughts and I thought that they were pretty cute and wanted to share...

So these first two are definitely for Auntie Linda. So I was making Sean his grilled cheese sandwich and he tried to put the bread on the fry pan himself. I told him that we couldn't put it on just yet as the pan wasn't hot enough. So he pipes right up an says, "Bring the heat!!"

Sean loves to watch his Daddy throw his ball in the backyard! He'll ask him to throw it high and laugh with delight as the ball soars into the sky. The other day as Daddy was tossing the ball into the air, Sean calls out, "Bring the heat!!!" So funny! (In case you were wondering why these two were specifically for Auntie Linda, it's because she had taught the phrase to him)

Oh and Grammie, here is one for you. Tonight instead of saying it was yummy in his tummy, he said it was fino in his tummy!!

Sometimes Daddy and Sean like to throw around the apples that are in our backyard. But yesterday Daddy picked one up and asked Sean if he wanted to throw some apples...And his response was, "Those are God's apples. You're not God."

Also the little lad loves to sing! Sometimes it's the alphabet, sometimes it's one of the songs from his CD's and then there are other times where he's just making stuff up. Like yesterday when he grabbed Marko and My engagement photo and he starts in his sweet little sing song voice, "Mommy and Daddy, this is a picture of Mommy and Daddy..." I LOVE this kid!! :)

A big first recently for Sean was taking out his first book from the public library as seen here:

He LOVES the library! I'm hoping we can get out to the library more often now that we both have our own library cards!

He's my sweetie pie.

And of course my sweet little girl!

And here is a first for Emma-Lyn-- her first time sitting on the toy train!