Sunday, September 14, 2008

A Busyish Weekend

Friday found all of the Perics happily at home. Marko got the day off! In the morning we had a really nice visit with Bonnie and the girls. Before lunch the we went for a quick walk down a trail nearby which was really nice. The weather was beautiful for a change!

After lunch and nap time we did some visiting. We went out to Nanny P's for a bit. While we were there we got to see Uncle Joe and Aunt Carolann. Sean was pretty shy at first but once he found a little ball to play with, he and uncle Joe had a grand time batting it about. Sean really did take a shining to Joe and would follow him about wherever he went. Emma-Lyn also noticed something special about Uncle Joe and was full of smiles for him and enjoyed having him carry her around like a princess. Once Joe had his fill of the kiddies, Nanny had a chance to visit with them too.

That evening was a girl's night out! Woo Hoo. We went glow bowling! What a hoot! I haven't bowled in who knows how long and it was just so much fun! Afterwards we went to DQ and gabbed.

Saturday was a bit rough. I went in to work for my oldies. (the gentleman had been in the hospital for quite some time) And I found out that he had passed away earlier that morning. I held his wife while she cried. She knew he was in a better place but couldn't help but miss him. We quickly set to work in getting the house in ship shape for the company that would be coming. He was such a wonderful man. I always enjoyed going over there, I knew he would quiz me about the Bible and make fun of the biscuits I baked(for some reason I have the uncanny ability to make lopsided biscuits--fortunately for me, they were his favourites!) I will certainly miss him.

Today we went to church and this was Sean's first time to go to our breaking of bread meeting. Usually he would go down to the nursery but with him starting Sunday school and all we figured he was old enough to join us for this meeting. To explain a bit about this meeting (I've always loved this meeting--it's so serene and uplifting)--to begin. It's really quiet for starters. Everyone sits down in a pew, quietly and waits for someone to begin. Either someone will mention a selection to sing, say a prayer or share some scripture. There's no instruments so everything is a capella which is really quite unique.

But for a two year old boy I guess it was a bit much. At first everything seemed to be going swimmingly but then he just erupted with sobs. I quickly hoisted him up and we went to the library to get settled down. Once the tears stopped we headed back in. He got quite fussy again so off we went to the library for a pep talk and in again we went and we stayed until the end of the meeting. Every time I got up I felt like I could feel every eye in the congregation watching me. I couldn't even imagine what people might have thought...As it turns out each eye that was watching, was watching in sympathy and in encouragement. So many people came up to me afterwards to praise Sean on how well he did for his first time---this was such an encouragement to me. So here's to next week and the week after that...

This afternoon we went to the library and then a park downtown. Sean had a great time picking out books and then playing in a new to him park. And now it is late and I need to head to bed so here are some quick pics.

Best friends sit on the same chair...apparently.

Walking our new found trail...thanks for the heads up Sharon!

Nanny and our baby girl.

My super awesome glowy bowling shoes!!

The girls were all aglow!

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Sassy_Canuk said...

Oooh I had a whole thing typed out here and the power went out!
anyway, Bowling sounds fun! so does DQ!
Your Breaking of Bread meeting sounds pretty much like where I go :)(Gospel Hall) we do it with the emblems on a table in the middle, and everyone sits quietly, and men rise and pray or give out a hymn, all sung a capella, and usually after the bread and wine are passed, a brother will get up and have a short word of ministry or some thoughts. We do sunday school after, though. So I completely hear you on the hard for kids to sit quietly through part!