Thursday, September 04, 2008

Finally...The Home Tour

So here it is the tour of our new apartment. Sorry about the wait, I've been meaning to get this up here but it seemed that any time I was going to do it there was a mountain of laundry on one or both of my living room couches and I just couldn't subject you to that but, I've had a change of heart since then. If you're ever gonna get a look at the place you're gonna have to see some laundry. (shudder)

So we'll begin with the living room:

The wall colour is called wheatfield and it's in the kitchen as well as Marko' office area as you will see in the following pictures. If you look closely you'll see the edge of my pile of laundry! How exciting, I know!

The Kitchen:

I really like how it's lightened up the place!

Marko's office:

Next we have Sean's bedroom which is painted in Little Boy apt don't you think?

Next is our room which I kept yellow but I think it might be a shade brighter than last time.

Here is Emma-Lyn's room in a pretty Peach Kiss colour:

And now my favourite room and the one that got the biggest make over...the bathroom which has been painted a seafoam blue colour:

So there you have it, the apartment in a nutshell! Hope you've enjoyed your tour!

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Sassy_Canuk said...

you have a pretty nice little place there Laura :) it looks great!