Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Just Some Thoughts...

Mostly Sean's thoughts and I thought that they were pretty cute and wanted to share...

So these first two are definitely for Auntie Linda. So I was making Sean his grilled cheese sandwich and he tried to put the bread on the fry pan himself. I told him that we couldn't put it on just yet as the pan wasn't hot enough. So he pipes right up an says, "Bring the heat!!"

Sean loves to watch his Daddy throw his ball in the backyard! He'll ask him to throw it high and laugh with delight as the ball soars into the sky. The other day as Daddy was tossing the ball into the air, Sean calls out, "Bring the heat!!!" So funny! (In case you were wondering why these two were specifically for Auntie Linda, it's because she had taught the phrase to him)

Oh and Grammie, here is one for you. Tonight instead of saying it was yummy in his tummy, he said it was fino in his tummy!!

Sometimes Daddy and Sean like to throw around the apples that are in our backyard. But yesterday Daddy picked one up and asked Sean if he wanted to throw some apples...And his response was, "Those are God's apples. You're not God."

Also the little lad loves to sing! Sometimes it's the alphabet, sometimes it's one of the songs from his CD's and then there are other times where he's just making stuff up. Like yesterday when he grabbed Marko and My engagement photo and he starts in his sweet little sing song voice, "Mommy and Daddy, this is a picture of Mommy and Daddy..." I LOVE this kid!! :)

A big first recently for Sean was taking out his first book from the public library as seen here:

He LOVES the library! I'm hoping we can get out to the library more often now that we both have our own library cards!

He's my sweetie pie.

And of course my sweet little girl!

And here is a first for Emma-Lyn-- her first time sitting on the toy train!


Anonymous said...

finally getting to check the blog with traveling and getting ready to begin teaching tomorrow. WOW what a lovely surprise! the slide show is wonderful--thank you!!! glad to hear you had a great fun birthday and the summer was special to us too. give our love to Sean and Emma-Lyn, we miss you all XOXOXO
Love, grammie and auntie

Laura said...

Hi Grammie and Auntie, I'm so glad that you enjoyed the slideshow, I had a lot of fun making it!

Hope you're both settling in well to your life in Cyprus!

Love ya lots n lots!