Monday, September 22, 2008

Lots to Do

Things have been fairly busy for us this past weekend. On Friday the kiddies and I walked up to the mall so I could pick up some supplies for the wedding shower I was organizing for that evening. On the way home Emma-Lyn woke up and was poking her hands out of her stroller. Sean immediately grabbed one and informed me that he had to keep her safe! Now, who wouldn't want a big brother like that eh? :)

That evening Jennie and I headed up west (i.e. O'Leary) for the shower. We were a little nervous since we wouldn't really know anyone but the bride to be. Everyone really seemed to enjoy themselves. I think the highlight for me, had to be after the games were over and everyone had had something to eat and the bride to be was about to unwrap gifts, I noticed that I was leaking...quite noticeably... I tried to fold my sweater this way and that to hide the growing dark circle but nothing worked. I tried sitting with my arm in front of me, all that did was make my arm wet too. So by the end of the gifts I got up and followed Jennie down the hallway and showed her the great big wet spot and started laughing! It's then that she tells me that it was noticeable when I started the games!! I could only laugh that much harder by that point!

On Saturday Marko and I took the kiddos to Fort Amherst for a picnic and some family photos. It was such a lovely day! The sun was shining and it wasn't horribly cold out. Sean had a great time running around and finding sticks and stones to play with. We went for a leisurely drive thinking that the kids would nap. Well, Emma-Lyn napped but Sean stayed up and enjoyed the ride. We decided to go to a park and let him run around some more and then headed home for supper. He was pretty tuckered out by bedtime! That night we had some of the gang in to play Apples to Apples and Pit. Lotsa fun.

On Sunday we went to church and Sean sat upstairs with us again and this time I didn't have to take him out even once!! I am just so proud of this little boy! He did get a little wiggly but this time I brought along a couple of the Bible books that Auntie Linda had bought him and he was quite happy with that! What's more there were quite a few people who praised him for doing so well. One lady gave Sean a Cert which he thought was amazing and wanted to keep forever. Then there was another older gentleman that did a magic trick and gave Sean a loonie! Sean was over the moon about that. He was pretty thrilled with his loonie and had to show everone his new coin!

That afternoon my folks came over and we had a lovely visit. Sean loved having Grampy pull him around on the little red truck in the backyard. He also serenaded Gramma and Grampa with a couple songs which was really sweet since he usually gets too shy to sing in front of anyone.

I'm sure there were some other things I wanted to share with you but I can't think of them now...oh well guess it'll have to wait till the next post. :)

Our picnic spot at Fort Amherst. I love this place, it's so beautiful!

Sean just checking things out.
Us in colour...
And us in sepia.
I just love this picture of Daddy and his sweet little girl.

So, Sean decided to try his hand at taking pictures! Thank goodness for the tripod!

Emma-Lyn wuz here...

My sweet babyface girl.

Our handsome little hunk on a stump...heheehee

Playing on the beach.

Playing at the park...

And finally, playing with Gramma and Grampa Hope.

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