Sunday, September 28, 2008

Memorable Moments

Well, this has definitely been a weekend of memories. On Friday Bonnie and the girls came over for a little visit before Bonnie had to go to the ladies retreat. I was looking after the girls until Brian came over to pick them up. I'll tell you, it sure is a lot more interesting trying to do some baking with 4 little ones about than just 2. Still, we were able to make some cupcakes in honour of Hannah's first birthday.

Friday night I went over to my friend Tammy's for a bit of a girls' night and to highlight my hair again. Tammy had invited a gal she works with who shares our slightly silly sort of humour. She was a really fun gal and we found out halfway through the evening that we had gone to the same highschool together!! So we had a great time remembering teachers and classmates! I don't have any pictures of my hair. (I forgot to take my camera) But I like the look, nothing too dramatic but fun.

Saturday was Junko's wedding and it was a pretty sweet little ceremony. I keep likening it to a wedding straight out of the fifties, where the groom is in a suit instead of a tux and the bride is wearing a simple white dress. I think my favourite part was when they sang a song together. The poor groom was such a good sport about that! The funny part about the wedding was when I was just looking around and noticed a familiar face. I couldn't believe it, but one of the guys from ServiceMaster was at the wedding! Turns out he's one of the grooms cousins!! How funny is that?!

That evening we had friends in to play Apples to Apples and some of the latest Singstar. Always love me some Singstar and the game Apples to Apples can get pretty funny too!

Today we went to church and stayed for the pot luck afterwards. Sean did pretty well through the first service, I only had to take him out once and not for very long. We enjoyed the pot luck immensely since we had forgotten about it, so it was such a bonus!

After church we jetted on over to the MacDonalds to celebrate Hannah's birthday! This is one girl who knows how to enjoy a cake! Emma-Lyn also thought she'd at least give icing a try...turns out she likes it--A LOT! And tonight was the premiere of Amazing Race and we had some of the gang over to take that in. Emma-Lyn has been a bit cranky this evening and I can only guess as to why. Hopefully she'll settle and get a good night's rest.

OH MY LAND! I can't believe I almost forgot to tell you about this! This morning was especially memorable! Both of the kiddos decided it was time to show Mommy and Daddy what they're really capable of! For starters, when I went in to get Emma-Lyn up from her morning nap, I found her standing up pleased as punch with herself! We knew she could pull up on furniture and the like but didn't think she was interested in doing things like that in her crib...In case you're wondering, yes, we did lower the mattress to a much safer level.

Secondly, just before heading out for church, Marko reminded Sean that it was time to go to the bathroom. Sean jumped up off the couch and told Daddy that he could do it all by himself. He wanted to shut the door but Daddy had him leave it open. Sure enough, our little lad got his pants down, jumped up on the pot, got his business done, with just a little help got his pants back up again, then washed and dried his hands... All by himself!! Wow, this little guy isn't such a little guy at all.

Here is our baby girl sporting a sweet outfit that Gramm Hope bought and then embroidered her name in the top! So cute.
Blue eyes...My baby's got blue eyes...

And now let's settle in for Books with Bonnie, a time to snuggle up with good friends and a good book.
Little Miss Look At Me, I Can Pull Up In My Crib!!!

"Hmmm, I think I'm gonna like this birthday gig!!"

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