Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Never a Dull Moment

So, let's see now, we had the fire and now the flood and if you count all the fruit flies buzzing about, we've got pestilence now how long do you suppose we have until the frogs start showing up?! LOL

Yep, we had ourselves some flooding on Sunday when the remnants of hurricane Hannah pulled through. She dumped a good 96mm of rain on us which is a bit higher than the average rainfall that we get in the entire month of August!!

We had been out all Sunday afternoon and came home to large puddles! There was quite a large one making its way across the living room floor which I ended up splashing through in my sock feet. This was the puddle that got us hunting for possible other puddles...and more there were. We found a smallish one in our bedroom. A bigger one in the bathroom and a mighty fine looking lake in the laundry room! Gerry was quick to come down and help us bail out all the water. He brought down the shop vac and a dehumidifer. All the rooms are dry to the bone but it looks like the laminate flooring in our bedroom and living room wants to curl up at the sides now, so we'll see what kind of fun that means for us!! :)

In other news, I think I forgot to mention that the health nurse had called again! And asked me if I wanted to get Emma-Lyn weighed and what not and so I told her, no. No I did not want to go through all that hub bub again thank you so much. And she said, great. That's fine then. And she hung up. Sweet!

This Sunday was Sean's first day at Sunday school and he did great! He was pretty shy at first but by the end of it he had warmed up to his class and was having a fine time. They're learning about creation and how God made heaven and the earth. Sean and I have a little song we sing to remind us about that. He's so cute with it too. I'll have to see if I can get him to sing it for you! Oh, and he has also learned the song, I'm a Little Tea Pot. He is one super cute teapot if I do say so myself!! I'll have to post that one too sometime!

Emma-Lyn is getting more and more mobile with every passing moment! She's pulling up on anything and everything as well as doing her own G.I Jane army type crawl all over the place. I can tell by the look on her face that she is one determined little girl. She figures if everyone else is doing it, than so should she! So if that means standing up in the tub, well so will she much to her mother's horror! Sean loves helping with Emma-Lyn and is able to pick her up from one danger spot and place in a more Emma-Lyn friendly area.

Now for some face pictures:

Baby Girl

I love this picture.

And these two are just funny!

Now for my Big Boy:
Dripping wet!

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