Thursday, September 25, 2008

Our Week in a Nutshell

Yeah, so I just happened to go visit Stephanie at The Greenhouse and noticed that she had a really nice, new, snazzy layout for her blog and decided it was time for a make-over for this blog. Yay for newness! :)

Things are going well here, we've had a busy week. On Monday night we went to Jennie and Danielle's for some supper and Sean and Emma-Lyn decided they would provide the entertainment for us. I don't think Emma-Lyn has ever been quite so excited to see people! She was just gushing with the charm! And Sean was being his whole shy and cute and then crazy and cute! Too funny.

Tuesday we had our study here at our house and for some unknown reason Sean was just not interested in sleeping. I think it was nearing 10:00 by the time he finally went down and stayed down. Tonight he was in bed and sleeping by 8:00, so that's a relief!

Wednesday was another big day with the kiddos and I heading over to Grace Christian School for the morning. I love going over there and seeing all the children and the staff again. I got to speak at the Elementary chapel time so that was extra nice! That evening we went to prayer meeting which was extra great to go to since it has been a very long time since we've been to it. Sean and Emma-Lyn stayed in the nursery and had a great time. It was yet another late night for the kiddos but that's okay.

Today was fairly quiet for the kiddos and I anyways. Marko had a bit more excitement on his drive home when he got a flat tire! He got it changed by himself and gave me a call home just so I wouldn't worry. I was going to go to a little party a girl friend of mine was having, but there just wasn't any chance of that after the tire incident. Oh well, tomorrow night I'm getting together with some of the gals to do some good ol' fashioned hair dyeing. I'm thinking there will be lots of laughing and carrying on...and of course there will be Pepsi...there just always has to be Pepsi!

Tomorrow also marks a major milestone for one of my friend's daughters!! Bonnie's daughter Hannah is turning the big 1 tomorrow!! And tomorrow afternoon Bonnie and the girls will be over for a wee visit before Bonnie goes on a ladies retreat.

On Saturday my good friend Junko is getting married! So that should keep us fairly busy that day too!

In other happenings, Emma-Lyn is loving the solid food. She has cereal at lunch time and dinner. At dinner time she also gets a vegetable and sometimes chicken is mixed in with the vegetable. (why didn't I think of that when I started Sean on chicken?!!) She is LOVING it! She eats everything in sight! I'm sure she must be putting on the pounds now. I'll get to find out more about that in October when she goes in for her 9 month check-up.

Did you ever play the game, Ring around the Rosie when you were a kid? Kind of a morbid song, but I think my dear sweet son has managed to make a even more morbid...
Regular version of the song:
Ring around the rosie
a pocket full of posies
Husha- Husha
We all fall down.

Sean's version:
Ring around the rosies
a pocket full of TOESIES
Husha Husha
We all fall down...

Hmmmm, toesies you say? --Interesting. Just how he came to get a pocket full of toesies I'll never know!

He loves to build!

One pretty proud boy! (I just love him in those overalls!)

A look of fierce determination!

A look of deep consideration.
Could this be a look of immense constipation?!! Can't be after the day she had (read: 3 big poopy diapers)

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