Wednesday, October 08, 2008

He is Rather Charming

Oh that boy of mine! This morning during a call with Grammie Peric, Sean got super frustrated with his Duplo blocks and ended up throwing them against the wall. I felt bad, but ended the call with Grammie Peric to deal with Sean's behaviour. Thankfully, he quickly gained control of his outburst and we put the Duplo blocks away for the rest of the day.

His real charmingness came after supper this evening. Emma-Lyn was done so I started up the bath, got her undressed and plunked her in. Meanwhile Sean was out in the kitchen finishing off his supper. Supper was a most delicious casserole from Gramma Hope. (I was so happy when Sean ate it and didn't make any faces or spit out any of it!)

Anyhoo, at this point I was trying to bathe Emma-Lyn but she was much more interested in standing up which makes things much more difficult. I guess I must have said something about it or at the very least I must have sounded a little exasperated as Sean came in and asked, "What's the problem, Mommy?" I just told him that I was trying to bathe Emma-Lyn and she kept standing up. So he says, "Mommy, you need a cloth. I'm gonna get you a cloth." So off he trots and brings me back a cloth for Emma-Lyn. Then he brings one for himself for later on. While I was thankful for the cloth I wanted Sean to finish up his supper. Since he ate his casserole I told him that he could drink my bottle of raspberry flavoured water. (He was quite pleased with this!) I finished bathing Emma-Lyn and started out to get Sean and was all set to tell him that he would have to finish the water another time but the boy was 5 steps ahead of me. He had already decided to finish it later, he capped it and was already putting it back in the fridge and was making his way to the bathroom!! I was IMPRESSED!! What a boy!

So anybody out there looking forward to Thanksgiving weekend?!! We are. We're headed to the mainland to stay with my folks for Saturday and coming home on Sunday. Things are going to be a bit cramped but I think we can do it. I'm really looking forward to it. Saturday is our 5th Anniversary so we're going to renew our vows!! I'm so excited! Dad is going to "marry" us. (Would you believe that the man already has the service memorized?!! I'm impressed!!) I won't be wearing the wedding dress again. Although I'm hoping to go find something nice for the occasion sometime this week! We're having the ceremony just down by the pond where it's just so serene and beautiful. I wonder what Sean will think of it.

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Bernie said...

Hi Laura sounds like a great weekend you have planned.Some of those flavored waters have a good deal of sodium in them.Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Anniversary.