Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Our Very Happy Anniversary

Finally a moment to stop and share our special weekend with you. It was such a wonderful weekend.

I am so thankful that my parents were able to have us all stay with them. The kids did great in their playpens over night and really seemed to enjoy visiting with Grammy and Grampy. We had a bit of a bumpy start. I guess we had underestimated how much time we'd need in the morning to have everything packed and ended up having to rush about to get ourselves out the door on time. Then when we were just headed out on the bypass I realized that I didn't have my rings on (I had taken them off the day before to do some baking and forgot to put them back on). Any other time we wouldn't have cared but what with the renewing of the vows we went back. Thankfully we still made it to the boat on time. It wasn't our favourite boat but hey it was running so that was good. We get off the boat to realize that we are low on gas and I mean LOW, the little light had come on and we were basically running on fumes! We were on our way to visit with my Beppe and I thought that we would hit a gas station before we got there and we did but it was closed! (did I mention that it was Saturday?! And it's closed?! How crazy is that?) As it would happen, Beppe was getting her hair done so my dad and Marko were able to go and get gas for the car.

After that everything went very well. We headed back to Mom and Dad's for a leisurely lunch and then it was time for the wedding. Emma-Lyn went down for her nap while the rest of us made our way to the pond for the ceremony.

Sean decided that he would like to provide the music and became our resident xylophonist. :)

Here we are midway through our vows. In case you were wondering, Karina did the pictures for us.

Our xylophonist decided to help us get things done right!

"You may kiss your bride."
The happily married couple. Can't wait to do it all again in another 5 years!

It was just such a delight to do this. Dad did a great job as the minister and Sean was a great little musician. It meant so much to hear him just tapping out notes on his little xylophone as we renewed our vows. Even the birds got in on the action and sang along.

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