Tuesday, October 21, 2008

She's Finally Done It...

Baby girl has finally managed to double her birth weight. She is now a robust 17 lbs! And she is 26 inches long. Yes, she is still a tiny little thing, but ever so sweet! The doctor's appointment went really well. She never cried and just fussed here and there. I also found out that the popping I hear in my chest every so often is fairly normal and nothing to be concerned about. Something about joints and your rib cage and to alleviate any pain I might be feeling, I just have to take care how I pick things up.

And now a quick blurb about Sean. He is quickly becoming a wonderful helper. Just the other day as I was doing a massive house cleaning, he would offer his services at every turn. If I started the dishes, he would come up beside me and say, "I'm here to help you, Mommy." If I went to sweep the floors, "I'm here to help you, Mommy." If I started moving the furniture, "I'm here to help you, Mommy." It was just so sweet to hear him say that and want to pitch in.

And then tonight we had our bible study which is after the kid's bedtime. Sean heard everyone come in and start singing so he came out of his room crying. I scooped him up and took him back to his room and asked him if he wanted to join us and listen to the singing. He tearfully replied that he wanted to, so the two of us rocked in the recliner together while we sang. At one point, Sean looked around at everyone and then tried singing right along. It was a very super sweet moment for me. Then when I put him back to bed, I thanked him for staying with us for the singing and said that I really enjoyed having him there. He said, "I was singing!" "Yes, you were Sean. And you did a great job." I replied. "Yep." He said and then nodded off to sleep. What a wonderful boy he is!

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