Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Why oh Why oh Why

Yes, we have finally hit that stage! The never ending, "But why, Mommy?!" And every time you think you have come up with a satisfactory answer, he comes out with yet another WHY? So much fun. I remember doing this to my sister for kicks...driving her just a little nuts every day!

So have you ever gotten a phone call that really made you scratch your head and at the same time made you laugh out loud?! I did yesterday. First, I should tell you that any time that the phone rings here and Sean is up and in ear shot, he will be asking to talk on the phone. I usually pick up the phone ask whomever is calling if they're okay with chatting it up with my son, put the phone on speaker and let him have at it. Most people are very gracious and chat with Sean which I'm ever so grateful for.

Now getting back to yesterday, I got a call from a number I didn't recognize and the voice on the other end of the line says: "May I speak with Sean?" (I didn't recognize the voice, but thought that it must be a friend that knows how things go down here when the phone rings) So I say,"Ummm, okay." I flip the phone to speaker and tell Sean to say hello. He most willingly complies. The voice on the phone says, "How sweet...." Then there's some silence and Sean is asking who it is and I still don't have a clue, so I take the phone back and the voice is sounding just a little confused now, "Hello? I'd like to speak with Sean." I tell the voice, "Uhhh, that was Sean." The voice has now begun giggling and says, "Oh, okay. I was calling to remind Sean to vote but it doesn't sound like he's quite old enough to vote. Sorry about that."
No problemo. I was laughing and yet scratching my head. How did they get Sean's name?!

Here are some pictures of they wee lad himself (oh, who am I kidding?! The boy is anything but wee!) from this weekend.

Sean with his Great-Beppe.

A little job that Marko didn't know that he would be doing--taking out the flagpole supports. Sean being the ever helpful lad that he is decided he should get in on the action and help Daddy out.

After the supports were out we needed to cover up the holes so Sean helped carry rocks to put in the holes. One of the rocks he picked up by himself was a mighty 11 pounds!

Grampa and Sean off to fetch the morning paper.


StephanieAllen said...

Giggle...I commented on your facebook status about this already, but I loved the full story of Sean being reminded to vote. Soooo funny. Who was calling anyway, was it a certain party? Gordon's uncle got several calls from the Conservative party (to the point where he was getting quite annoyed, actually) and in one they actually asked if he needed a ride!! Crazy... But so cute about Sean. I do wonder where they would have gotten his name?

Bonnie said...

Too funny Laura!