Sunday, November 09, 2008

Happy Birthday Daddy and Grammie Peric

Birthday Cake from lauraperic on Vimeo.

Friday was Marko's birthday and today is Grammie Peric's birthday. On the cake I have an assortment of candles and a number which is the age of Daddy and Grammie added together. Can you guess how old they are?!! :)

For Marko's birthday we went to The Dundee Arms for supper. It was simply scrumptious! I love dining there. It's a really cozy atmosphere and the food is delicious! And it never hurts to have a 10 dollar gift certificate!! After supper we had the gang in and played some Singstar. Marko and I got to sing a duet together. We sang Lets Call the Whole Thing Off by Ella Fitzgerald and Louie Armstrong. What a HOOT! Marko did an awesome job as Louie. He sorta sounded like a muppet. It was so funny that I had a hard time trying to sing after laughing so hard.

Things here have been pretty quiet. Both Sean and Emma-Lyn are getting more independent. Emma-Lyn is so thrilled with the walking thing! It's more of a shuffle but it is soooo cute and she can really get around! Sean for his part is stepping it up by going to the bathroom all by himself. He'll tell me he has to go and I'll tell him he may and that he can do it like a big boy. And off he goes and takes care of business! What a little fella.

I've been busy doing Christmas baking and other little Christmas projects. A friend asked me the other day if I had cracked out the Christmas music yet and I had to admit that Sean and I have been sining them since, oh around the middle of October!! It was Sean's idea. He saw the children's Christmas tape and wanted to listen to that so that we did! He really seems to enjoy singing along with it.

A funny little story to end on: Today as we were driving about town, we passed by the Cows Ice Cream Store (for those of you who may not know, according to Reader's Digest, Cows ice cream is the best ice cream in Canada!!) Anyhoo, As we pass by Sean says, "Look Mommy! There's an icicle! No, an ice cream from the good cow....The happy cow." Marko and I both giggled.


Anonymous said...

Thank you it was wonderful singing . would love to hear you both sing a duet . sounds like a fun game.
Grammie Peric

StephanieAllen said...

Dundee Arms eh? That reminds me of a cat's legs for some reason. ;)

Laura said...

Hi Grammie, I'm glad you enjoyed the singing!

Okay Steph, that was just too funny. I never thought of that, but now I'll never forget it every time we go there!! LOL