Wednesday, November 26, 2008

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas

Well, with our first big snowfall of the season on Saturday, I felt it was the perfect time to get the Christmas decorations up. Sean thought this was a fantastic idea too! He enjoyed taking out all the ornaments for the tree and helping me put them up. Emma-Lyn was plain old fascinated with everything. She's managed to grab the baby Jesus from our Nativity scene a couple of times, so now I sorta set up a blockade around the tree to keep her little hands out of trouble.

Sean just loves the snow! I think we've been out in it every day! We throw the snow, draw in it, build little houses (it's the crispy, sorta jig-saw puzzle snow) and just stomp around in it. I can't wait to get some more snow that's more of the packing variety so we can make some snowmen together.

"I love this time of year!!"

"This one is actually pretty tasty!"

"Hmmmm, I think I'm gonna like this Christmas stuff..."

In case you're wondering, he's trying to see his breath.

My bundled up little boy.

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