Monday, November 17, 2008

It's Party Time!!!

It came as a bit of surprise this morning when Bonnie called and asked if this afternoon would be a good time to do the kids' birthday party. But I was game so I quickly found my party supplies and swung into action. Sean was delighted to say the least! The kids did great! Emma-Lyn slept through most of it but when she did get up and saw the living room with it's new adornments she was thrilled!! She just couldn't get enough of looking at the balloons!! So cute. Can't wait to see what she'll think of the Christmas tree. (I'm just itching to get the Christmas stuff up!)

To believe that my sweet little boy is turning three is sometimes hard to believe. He is growing so much! He loves to learn and he's getting the knack of trying new things. Right now he especially enjoys the alphabet. He knows how to spell his name and loves to point out his letter (S) any time he sees it whether we're at home or out doing errands! He's also beginning to get the idea of the different sounds the letters make which is really neat! He's also becoming more independent with potty training. Most times I can remind him to go and off he trots to the bathroom to get things done all by himself. That's not to say he doesn't still have an accident now and then but that's more the exception these days. The other day I was reaching for something but accidentally knocked it over and I muttered "Oh nuts.." and Sean just looked up at me and said most matter of factly: "Nuts are for Jumpy Squirrel!" I just laughed, what a fella!

Here are our party pictures:

Here is Sean waiting in great anticipation!

Cracking open the presents!! Lindsay got presents too just didn't get it in the photo.

The three amigos! I made the ponchos for the girls.

Sean loved his new helicopter.
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