Sunday, November 16, 2008

A Week Has Gone By Already?!!

Wow, where did the time go? Things have been fairly quiet here. Marko and I went to dinner with his boss and his wife on Monday night which was really nice. I don't often get to spend time with them and they're really a delightful couple. Besides which, I love a Scottish accent! (Yes, they're both from Scotland.)

Marko had Tuesday off which was also very nice! We went for what turned out to be a rather chilly walk on one of the Confederation Trails. After which we popped into our good friends Mike and Nancy's place. They just bought it and they were in the middle of renos. I was super excited to see the place and now I can't wait to see it once it's all done.

Through, the week I've been working on Christmasy things and trying to think up what to do for a little boy who is turning 3's birthday. I'm not sure I'm quite ready to tackle making a monkey George or Thomas the Tank Engine birthday cake!! LOL! I've really been fighting the urge to start Christmas decorating. I've promised myself not to start until November 25th...I think a month before Christmas is a reasonable amount of time. I'm usually quick on the draw to take it down, like the day after New Years. So it's not like it'll be sitting around till February!

This weekend we had some friends over to play Pit and on Saturday night Jennie and I went to an Arts Extravaganza. It was really neat. They had the church all set up like a coffee house. I loved it. And there were people there I hadn't seen in quite awhile! During one segment we got to grab a basket of materials and set to decorating it which was a lot of fun. I worked on it with Jennie and Natalie. While ours didn't win any prizes we had a lot of fun just trying to make it into boat...which Natalie accidentally dropped on the floor. So then it really was performance art, going from ship to shipwreck!! Good times! Our friend Bonnie was also there with her hubby and they won the award of most original!! Soo cool!

And now just a little plug for an upcoming event at our church. If you happen to be in the Charlottetown area this December 7 around 6:30 pm, be sure to drop into the Charlottetown Bible Chapel to take in this year's Sunday School Concert!! This is Sean's first concert. I can't even begin to imagine how he's going to handle this but I'm sure it'll be great entertainment!!!

My Boys in a Box! Sean loves playing in this old box. I used to have it stuffed with old clothes but I've gone through and sent most of it on to goodwill and now we can actually get into Sean's closet!

Baby girl with Sean's Pake hat on and trying to figure out how this ol' sippy cup thing works!

Such a sweetie!

Just walking along and sipping away!

My two fine lads on our most chilly walk!

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