Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Why My Son is a Genius...

I know what you're thinking, every parent thinks that their kid is the smartest. Well this time it's true! Just joking. Why I think that Sean is just so uber-intelligent is because of something he did today. First, I should tell you that we have the Baby Mozart, Baby Bach and Baby Einstein tapes, which Sean likes to watch now and then. Anyhoo, today while I was looking for some music to put on I came across a Baby Einstein CD and since it said classic lullabies on it, I thought it would be nice for some quiet, soothing background music.

Sean recognized it right away as being Baby Mozart and I thought, okay well that's neat he knows how the Baby Mozart sounds and this is exactly like it so yeah, that's cool. Then the next track on the CD is a piece by Bach called, Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring. Sean looks up at me right away and says, "That's not Mozart, that's Bach!" Now that, I thought, was pretty clever of him to distinguish just by listening.

He is such a funny guy. We were having people in this evening for supper so I got Emma-Lyn fed and was going to bathe her (normally I get the kids in there together) and Sean thought this was cool. He got to run around the house while she played in the tub. So at one point, I think he was pretending to be a car and he drove into the bathroom to inform me that I was his Darling and that Emma-Lyn was his Good Girl. I just laughed and got such a super sweet and super big hug from him! He's such a sweetie pie too, like at night he'll ask me to rub his back for him and I do and as I go to leave he'll always thank me and usually says that he feels better now. Cute eh?!

And if you didn't think he was cute before, I think this shot pretty much says it all. :)

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Anonymous said...

wow ! he must have his mother and father's musical ear and thankfully not his Grammie's