Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Year in Review

This is just a brief slide show of some of the stuff that happened this year. It's been quite a year to be sure!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Our Christmas 2008

Well, here we are Christmas is all done and we're looking forward to New Year's. Marko is off work until the 5th of January! I'm super happy about that. We haven't heard much more about our car. We do know that insurance has made an offer to Honda and they're just waiting for the acceptance. We also know that we have to give back the rental tomorrow.

But getting back to Christmas... We had a really lovely one. Marko got off early from work on Christmas Eve. I made our traditional Christmas Eve lasagna in the slow cooker. Everyone gobbled up their supper and headed out to church. Before we left I made a quick stop to a neighbour's place to drop off a little gifty. (her son had been over earlier to drop off a gift for our kids) When she came to the door and saw that I had a gift for her she gave the most unexpected response I could have imagined...It was, "I'm gonna kick your a$$" My response? "Please don't?!" She just sorta chuckled after that and accepted my little gift and invited me and the kids to come over some time after Christmas is over.

The church service was great. Sean had only one melt down which was quickly resolved and Emma-Lyn just had a great time looking around and smiling at everybody...Oh then there was the time she sneezed (poor baby girl has quite the cold and is teething too) and it was such a sneeze that the two young fellas ahead of us turned around to see if they got any on them!

We did some looking at of Christmas lights (our favourite spot didn't have theirs on but we were able to go back another night and see them.) Once home we got the kiddos to bed and then finished up our wrapping and stuffed the stockings.

The kiddos were up at 7 ish and off to the stockings we went. Sean was super excited and thought everything was great! He would get so excited about one present that he would forget about opening any more and we would have to cajole him to open the next one. Emma-Lyn seemed to enjoy it too but with more wonderment then excitement.

At 1:30 we were off to the Canfield's for Christmas dinner. It was wonderful! They even had gifts for Sean and Emma-Lyn which was so sweet. Sean loved playing with the train track downstairs and hardly wanted to pause a moment to eat dinner. Sean had his first go at trying out PopRocks. I thought he might freak out with this candy in his mouth that would make noises but he was thrilled with it and wanted more! Too funny.

After dinner, Ben, Josh, Marko and I played some Settlers!! I was so excited. I haven't played Settlers in forever so it was really fun to play it again. Ben won and Josh, who hadn't ever played before came in a pretty close second.

The funniest part was when it came time to leave. We told Sean that it was time to go but he didn't want to go so we trotted out the "Oh well, we're gonna go, guess we'll leave you here..." line thinking this would get him going...apparently not. As soon as we said it, he was waving good bye, wishing us well, he gave me some pretend money and told me I could go to the bank or the movies with it. I think someone asked where he was going to sleep and he was all prepared to sleep on their living room floor. Still, we proceeded to get ready to leave thinking at some point he would chicken out and want to come with dice. Grant pulled him over and had a little chat with him. He told him that he would love to have him stay over for a night but he would need to have his pj's with him and the rest of his things. So he told Sean that he could come over another night, he just had to call ahead to make sure it was okay and then he could sleep over! How sweet is that?! This totally satisfied Sean and he was ready to leave with us now.

All in all it was a pretty sweet little Christmas day!

The stockings all lined up waiting for Christmas morning...

Sean eagerly anticipating what would be in his stocking.

Yay! It's underwear!
"Hmmm, they musta packed the good stuff at the bottom of this thing..."

"And they did..."

Emma-Lyn: Do you spy what I spy?!!

Ohhhhh baby, yeah got me some Smarties...

Success is mine! Now, just to find someone to help me open it!

"Yes Daddy that is a nice shirt but could you open the Smarties now?!"

"No, no Daddy, the Smarties, can I have the stinkin' Smarties already?!!!"

Nope, but you can have this car my sweet little peanut! Notice that she still has the Smarties in her hand!

All dressed up to go to the Canfields.

"Well, would you look at that, I've got ribbons on my outfit...neat."

Our sweet guy smiley!

And finally, Emma-Lyn trying to get at the Canfield's Christmas tree.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas is Just Around the Corner...

And I guess I'm as ready as I'm going to be. Well, I guess that isn't completely true, Marko is out running some errands and picking up a few things and there's still the wrapping to do. I love to wrap presents so that's not too big a deal for me. I still have our traditional Christmas Eve lasagna to make in a not so traditional way. Instead of the layers and fuss, I'm just gonna whip it all into the ol' crock pot and heat it up! YUM! It's my favourite way to cook lasagna!

And after supper, we're off to church for the evening service. I miss going to the serive at St. Paul's in Westville. They have a candlelight service that is just so beautiful! My favourite part was when everyone's candle was lit we would stand and sing Silent Night, holding up our candles. He is the Light of the world. Halleluiah! Here at the Chapel we have a nice service where different members of the congregation get up to sing or read or share a message. I enjoy that too, but I do miss the candles. :)

Then it will be time to rush home and get the kids to bed so that we can get their stockings ready. Marko and I also give each other stockings. We don't do Santa Claus here so I don't have to worry about cookies or carrotts left out for the merry old elf. I don't really have anything against Santa, I guess it's just all the commercialization of Christmas and the idea that it's all about what you're going to get under the tree when really, Christmas isn't about us. It's about the Lord, himself coming down from heaven to meet with his creation. And in time rescuing them from their sin through his death and resurrection. Now if that isn't the best Christmas gift anyone could receive, then I don't know what is!!

From our house to yours, may we wish you a most blessed and Merry Christmas this year!!
My love to all!!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Blessings Abound

Well, we're still not certain what is going on with the car, what we do know is that the car is officially a write off though. Now, just to see what will get worked out between Honda and our insurance.

Meanwhile, life goes on in the Peric household. Marko is feeling great and the kids are doing well too. I seem to be coming down with a bit of a cold but I'm hoping to fend it off with lots of vitamin C!!

This weekend has been an absolute blast! On Friday we received a Christmas package from the Kimmetts!! We were so excited! Sean was thrilled, he got the job of putting the presents under the tree. He kept saying that today is Christmas day! Did I mention that he's excited?!!

I had a lovely chat with my father in law. I don't talk to him often and it was nice to have such a delightful chat with him. I think we decided that the weather all over Canada was pretty much yucky! We are currently looking forward to a snowstorm tonight. I think we're supposed to get around 20 cms of snow and lots of wind!!

And then there was Saturday!!!! I LOVED Saturday! In the morning I went to Maid Marians (a local diner, with great grub and good prices) with one of my bestest friends in the whole wide world. Amanda and I went to Mt.A together and lived in a house with two other gals for a year. We lived in the attic and had LOTS of fun...maybe too much fun?! Anyhoo, we had our breakfast and got the great priviledge of visiting with Santa while we were there. He was just popping through and stopped to talk to everyone in the diner and passed out candy canes! So cool! Then we did a little shopping, stopped at Tim's for refreshments and then finally came back to the apartment. I don't think I've laughed so hard for so long as I did that morning with Amanda!

That afternoon I got to help out at the local soup kitchen. Our church was volunteering that week to serve so I got to pitch in too. We sang some Christmas hymns and served a pipping hot turkey dinner. As soon as things were mostly tidied up I dashed home to help Marko get the kids to bed.

That evening we were off to our Christmas party with our group of friends. I was sooo pumped for this! We went to the Inns on Great George and just had the best time eating delicious food, trying new Mexican drinks (non-alcholic) and playing games.

Today we went to church and got an invite to the Canfields' for Christmas dinner!! YIPEEE! Marko and I hadn't decided what we were going to cook for Christmas and now it seems we don't have to! And then this afternoon we loaded up our car with our homemade Christmas gifts and delivered them to our friends' homes.

And now for some just random pictures.

Sean actually asked me to take this picture of him. What a sweetie eh?!

I like to call this one, Christmas in Cyprus. Which may seem confusing to some but I'm sure the ones that this pic is for will understand...*wink*

And here's our sweet baby girl sitting in the Duplo blocks bin! Yes, she's still small enough to fit!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Not a Fire or a Flood This Time...

Oh my, we've been having quite a time of it lately. Emma-Lyn has been having a tough time with her teething, she's been throwing up and such but it didn't seem to change her behaviour at all so at least that was good.

Then on Thursday morning Marko called to let us know that he had been in a car accident. He was okay but the car was probably going to be a write off...and just as he tells me this Emma-Lyn throws up right at my feet...Fun times! I'm so grateful that Marko is okay and things weren't any worse. We went and took a look at the car yesterday and I'm posting the picture of it at the bottom of this post. I found it a bit upseting to see the car like that. Again I'm just so thankful that Marko got out with only a scratch and some sore muscles. He had approached a blind intersection, entered and then got hit on the passenger side which sent the car into a spin and landed it, passenger side down in the ditch.

At the moment we are still waiting on insurance to see what kind of settlement we end up with. Currently we have a Dodge Caliber as our rental car for now. I'll keep you posted as learn what will happen next in our new little saga.

Monday, December 08, 2008

Just Smurf Along With Me...

Marko: "It looks like she just consumed a Smurf!"
This after Emma-Lyn ate her very first Smartie...she's pretty quick at getting into things she shouldn't be getting into!!!

My Boy is 3 Years Old!!...and a couple days

With all the hub-bub of his birthday and Christmas Concerts and my folks visiting, I haven't had much time to get you all updated here on the blog. Finally, I have a spare moment and the pictures are uploaded and I've got lots to tell.

Sean is quite an amazing little lad and I just love him to bits! He is full of wonder about everything around him. He'd love to do everything all by himself. He loves cars and dogs and playing. He loves the snow. He loves his Daddy and wants to be just like him when he grows up. He enjoys listening to music and singing. He loves to imagine things with his toys. He loves to be told stories, ones in books and ones that you make up on the fly. He loves to run and play with the big boys at church. He loves to bake and help Mommy in the kitchen. He loves bath time and playing with bubbles. He loves making hand prints and colouring. He loves to read his books. He loves playing with his little sister and sometimes getting a little rough with her. He loves to explain things...(I think he is well on his way to being just like his Daddy.)

And here are a couple funny things Sean has said recently:

Sean was busy playing with the figures from our Nativity scene when he picks up Joseph and Jesus and begins a conversation that went something a little like this:
Joseph: Hi, how are you?
Jesus: I'm good, but I'm not wearing any underwear..."
And the conversation just kinda petered out after that and really what can you say after someone tells you they're not wearing any underwear?!

And then just the other night at the supper table, Marko mentioned how much of an eating machine Emma-Lyn was, I quickly agreed and added that she had become quite the pooping machine as well! Sean quickly piped up and said, "Pooping machine?! Mommy, are you a pooping machine?" While grinning, I just shook my head and answered, "No, Mommy is not a pooping machine." He quickly turned his head to Daddy and posed the same question. And Daddy, attempting to stifle a giggle, says, "No Sean, I'm not a pooping machine." And without missing a beat he looks up at him and says, "Oh, cause you look like one!"

Sean loved all the gifts he got but at this point was especially interested in the Lightening MacQueen car that Auntie Karina gave him.

Just digging into his gifts..

Showing off his new car.
I just thought this was a cute picture of him.

And of course the cake!

He got so many lovely things for his birthday. Auntie Bernie stopped by with a great big Richard Scarrey First Word Book. Sean is just loving this!! He just pours over it and looks at everything. He also got a book from Grammie that he likes to look at. We got him a couple of dinkies which he loves and likes to take with him. All the grandparents got him some great new outfits! He looks so sweet in them! He also got a new toy train and a video of Thomas and Friends. It was such a lovely day. We had a great visit with my folks and not only did we get to celebrate Sean's birthday but it was also my sister's birthday too! So much fun!

Time to Play Catch Up...

So much to tell and share with you. First I just have these super sweet pictures of Emma-Lyn. She is quite the gal! We discovered just the other day that she can climb stairs!! I didn't think that she could but there she was just giving it her all to climb up our stairs. She only got half way and then thought she'd try turning around and going back down the stairs...not such a great idea, I was there with her so I just grabbed her and took back down.

She's also discovered just how much fun it is to play with her own lips. So funny to watch her wander around the room just flipping her lips with her fingers. Sean has really begun to enjoy Emma-Lyn too. He's always asking her to come to his room to play. Then at supper time when I was still rushing about trying to get things together and Emma-Lyn was having a melt down in her high chair, he stepped right up and did his best to calm her down. He sang to her and then just said, "Emma-Lyn, calm down."

Those eyes just melt me!

My little baby doll.

I just think this is so sweet!

She loves to play with balls.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

The Christmas Parade

I was really excited about taking the kids to the Christmas parade! I love a good parade and the Charlottetown Christmas parade was pretty good. They have it in the evening which makes for some fun light displays on the floats. We left an hour before hand to make it to our viewing spot which just happened to be the MCC parking lot (my old stomping ground) and we couldn't have picked a better spot! It was right at the beginning of the parade so getting out again was pretty easy and we were ahead of the traffic, they handed out free candy canes (but then so were most of the floats!!) AND FREE hot chocolate!! Yummmmy! Sean and Emma-Lyn did great. Sean sat on Marko's lap for half of it then sat on my lap for the end. Emma-Lyn slept through most of it and what she didn't sleep through she watched with great wonderment!

I can hardly believe that my little man turns 3 this Friday! We're having his party on Saturday (which happens to be my sister's birthday) so we'll have a double party to celebrate the two of them getting old!! He's been pretty excited about it. He keeps mentioning that his birthday is December 5th or that it's on Friday and then pretending different toys are birthday cakes and singing Happy Birthday to himself!! So funny.

He looks just a little anxious but he did have fun...he really enjoyed all the free stuff they were handing out. Got a Tim Horton's calendar, a bracelet (one of those rubber ones advertising for the forces) a Navy frisbee (pretty lame frisbee but a frisbee nonetheless), some UPEI temporary tatoos and oh so many candy canes!!

The Colour Guard
Sean's favourite---lit up Fire Truck

All bundled up for the parade