Sunday, December 21, 2008

Blessings Abound

Well, we're still not certain what is going on with the car, what we do know is that the car is officially a write off though. Now, just to see what will get worked out between Honda and our insurance.

Meanwhile, life goes on in the Peric household. Marko is feeling great and the kids are doing well too. I seem to be coming down with a bit of a cold but I'm hoping to fend it off with lots of vitamin C!!

This weekend has been an absolute blast! On Friday we received a Christmas package from the Kimmetts!! We were so excited! Sean was thrilled, he got the job of putting the presents under the tree. He kept saying that today is Christmas day! Did I mention that he's excited?!!

I had a lovely chat with my father in law. I don't talk to him often and it was nice to have such a delightful chat with him. I think we decided that the weather all over Canada was pretty much yucky! We are currently looking forward to a snowstorm tonight. I think we're supposed to get around 20 cms of snow and lots of wind!!

And then there was Saturday!!!! I LOVED Saturday! In the morning I went to Maid Marians (a local diner, with great grub and good prices) with one of my bestest friends in the whole wide world. Amanda and I went to Mt.A together and lived in a house with two other gals for a year. We lived in the attic and had LOTS of fun...maybe too much fun?! Anyhoo, we had our breakfast and got the great priviledge of visiting with Santa while we were there. He was just popping through and stopped to talk to everyone in the diner and passed out candy canes! So cool! Then we did a little shopping, stopped at Tim's for refreshments and then finally came back to the apartment. I don't think I've laughed so hard for so long as I did that morning with Amanda!

That afternoon I got to help out at the local soup kitchen. Our church was volunteering that week to serve so I got to pitch in too. We sang some Christmas hymns and served a pipping hot turkey dinner. As soon as things were mostly tidied up I dashed home to help Marko get the kids to bed.

That evening we were off to our Christmas party with our group of friends. I was sooo pumped for this! We went to the Inns on Great George and just had the best time eating delicious food, trying new Mexican drinks (non-alcholic) and playing games.

Today we went to church and got an invite to the Canfields' for Christmas dinner!! YIPEEE! Marko and I hadn't decided what we were going to cook for Christmas and now it seems we don't have to! And then this afternoon we loaded up our car with our homemade Christmas gifts and delivered them to our friends' homes.

And now for some just random pictures.

Sean actually asked me to take this picture of him. What a sweetie eh?!

I like to call this one, Christmas in Cyprus. Which may seem confusing to some but I'm sure the ones that this pic is for will understand...*wink*

And here's our sweet baby girl sitting in the Duplo blocks bin! Yes, she's still small enough to fit!

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Amanda said...

Hi Meemer,
I just got around to checking your blog now since my computer has been cranky....
I had a fantastic time that day, too... we need to do it more often. I miss you lots!
love, Weedly Weed :)